inner stillness & whisperings of the Spirit

One of the things I’ve realized lately is how important it is to have the Holy Ghost with me as much as possible. Especially as a mother and in my calling as R.S. President, I’ve recognized that I NEED the Spirit to guide me for I just can’t know everything on my own (yes, my callings in life humble me). In the first part of January I knew I needed to make mucho changes to visiting teaching routes. Wow – what a job! It takes so many hours… and thought… and guidance. The prayer in my heart that came to mind all that week was this:
This song took on new meaning to me. It was no longer about me teaching my kids… it was about the Lord guiding me… His child. The “I know I don’t know it all, so please guide my thoughts, my actions, my decisions for my family and for the sisters in my ward” prayer.

I’ve tried to listen to these whisperings. It’s hard, because there is rarely silence in my life. I’ve tried to be aware of feelings. If I keep feeling weird about a decision or something going on in r.s., I finally realize maybe it is the Spirit teaching me that I need to take action and change something.

I remember the book Forest Born that I read a few years ago. I loved the message. It is a book about the journey Rinna takes to learn to create a stillness and peace inside herself despite all the chaos around her.

Anyhoo… just some Sunday night ramblings about what goes on inside of me. Thoughts from the past few weeks. I’m so grateful for the Holy Ghost to guide us. So grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who doesn’t leave us alone on our journey back to Him. I certainly need those quiet whisperings.

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