2011 Family Goals

Part of my Positive CHANGE movement includes establishing new family goals and habits. My bro-and sis-in law set up their family goals in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I liked it… so we went with that idea. For FHE we had everyone brainstorm ideas for family goals. Here’s what we came up with:

We generally have FHE once a week, but it’s usually thrown together 5 seconds before. I want one of those neat fhe boards with the vinyl and all… but since it hasn’t happened for like a year, we’re going with the only thing Heather knows… printing digital prints at Costco. GO laminated Costco Prints!!! We’ll put a doo-bobbie-twisty-thing in the middle so the center circle can turn.

The other thing that needs to happen in this home is making sure we really get to our chores. The kids do awesome on their daily chores. But sometimes Saturday morning comes and Abe is done by 9 a.m. and is asking to play. I know the house still needs work, but sometimes I can’t think of an extra job on the spot. Here’s my solution which I know will be tweaked. Basically by Saturday Evening each of the items should be checked off. Obviously some need to be done several times a week…. like sweep kitchen… but this will give me a checklist to give the kids. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all these were actually accomplished and we could have a perfectly tidy home on Sundays. Oh – looks like I need to add some laundry duties on there too. We don’t want the mountains to overcome us.

I guess we’ll give it a GO! and try and make NEW good things happen around here.

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  1. angela davidson
    angela davidson says:

    the chores were all looking great until i saw — put the junk piles away. that’s what always kills me.

  2. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Heather! We also have our family priorities (as I call them– as opposed to goals, I like it better for some reason, maybe because sometimes I feel I have to check a goal off?) listed on our corkboard in daily, weekly, and monthly. I thought I was being original. It works well I think! I like your colorful list. You make everything bright and fun!

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