Day 7: Alki Beach

07 july 2013 seattle trip35Wednesday evening was our last night in Seattle. We drove to Alki Beach. Alki Beach is the site of the landing of the first white settlers in Seattle on a cold, stormy day in November of 1851. Chief Seattle and his tribe greeted them and helped them build their cabin to stave off the cold, wet winter.

We saw a miniature Lady Liberty that was cool. The Statue of Liberty, a small replica of the original “Liberty Enlightening the World” in New York City, was a gift from Reginald H. Parsons and the Seattle Council of the Boy Scouts of America in 1952.

This beach was mostly rocks. It had a sandy portion with volleyball nets. There were tons of seagulls, people, and dogs. This little dog was the favorite. Liza loved it. It went after a husky (brave little thing!).

The kids loved throwing rocks again. Even Liza was very bold and slowly made her way right to the way (well… actually toes in the water!). She can’t throw far and she’s realized that to hit the water, she has to be close. Being in nature is just plain good for our family.

We did barely see the Alki Beach lighthouse. I had to do some running around to catch a peek beyond government fences. Oh well… I do love lighthouses and the symbolism.

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