Missionaries in Training

5x7 missionaries in trainingThis morning we were all ready on time! Miracle #1. We combed Max’s hair (he grins from ear to ear when we do that … even though his hair is so thick and matted that it hardly looks any different… so cute!). Tru was being nice. Zuzu took a nap before 1:30 church. Yay! So, we quickly gathered the tots for a photo. My thought… wow, these are missionaries in training. Miracle #2…. everyone smiled nicely for the photo. No shoving!

Today we wrote letters to Jim & Trev … cousins on missions! They are such great examples for my kids! We are thinking MISSIONARY this week!

Tru was all ready to go on his mission after dinner one night when we were talking about missionaries. He had no idea what he was signing up for – but he wanted IN!

Max still wonders out loud where he will go on his mission. He says things like, “Grateful we can have blessings from Jesus when we are sick” in his prayers. He will be a solid missionary someday!

Hannah has calculated the amount of time between when she and Abe will leave. She is wearing an anklet, which she wants to wear until she leaves on her mission… a reminder to prepare.

Abe is going to be a missionary filled with the Spirit of God. He will touch so many lives.

Zu-Zu. She is a great every-day missionary by sharing her light!

We are working on COURAGE! Bully-protection training happened tonight. You shouldn’t need bully-protection training because of boys in your primary class at church.

We are teaching WORK! This area is discouraging to me. Oh, how we try to teach the tots to work without immediate reward… and how to do a job right the first time – thorough. But kids are still kids… They have many moons until they grasp this fully (wait – have I grasped this fully?!). But by golly… they will know how to do dishes, clean toilets, and cook a few things before they leave home!

We are teaching the WORD OF GOD! Oh, how we love the scriptures (a love for scriptures is sometimes entirely different from loving evening scripture times on those uhhhh, speechless nights … when it seems there is more fighting and crying than words being savored.)

BUT … I love when the kids have an ah-ha moment. I gave Hannah & Abe this list I found on pinterest.39f00dd6f2c1520034119e028ad6f551 I’ve sat down with Abe a few times to review a few, when he’s having a hard time trying to calm down. The other night he had a scary dream and he finally read his scriptures and was able to go to sleep. I love that he thought of that. We might be doing something right – rather … the Holy Ghost is!

BE STRONG. I had an awakening after a conversation with my sister-in-law. Life as a teenager… in a high school. Aaaaaak~ Run and hide people. Life is different for teens now than it was for me in Sugar City. What will high school be like in 5+ years when my littles are there. BE STRONG. Our YW sang this song today in sacrament meeting – their Girl’s Camp theme song…

I will stand
I will not fall
In a world that’s weak
I will be strong
I’ll be true
I will choose His way
I know what’s right
And I will not change
In a world where so many will not…
I will!
Hillary Weeks

Well… this is a random post. Quickly worded. I may revisit this idea.

to prepare our children to be more like Christ?
to be stronger missionaries in every day life?
to look towards the temple?
to love the LORD?
to help them know who they really are!

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