Nephi: Strong and Faithful

In a recent stake R.S. fireside with Hilary Weeks, she focused on how powerful our thoughts are in creating change and action in our life.

She mentioned Nephi … who used his WORDS to teach faith, courage, and strength of character.  She went through the scriptures and highlighted the Faithful & Positive Statements by Nephi.  I started doing this in my reading.  He focused on faith, repentance, the Savior’s atonement and mercy, courage, strength of testimony. It helps me realize that talking about all the gunk and fear and worry of life is draining… talking about faith and God’s wisdom and blessings INSPIRES positive thoughts and actions.

Imagine if our children walked around saying these words:

let us be faithful let us be strong let us be armed

I want to be like Nephi. Yep. I do.

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