Bless your beautiful hide …

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Thank you Pass of all Passes for the “free” tickets to Seven Brides for Seven Brother’s play at the Scera in Orem. I didn’t want to take our littles since it started at 8 p.m., so we took Téa & Jacob & Melanie (Mary Poppins Babysitter who loves plays). The kids played cards for an hour while we waited for the production to start. We sat on blankets on the hill and quite enjoyed the musical. I was grateful for my little stadium seat to support my pregnant body!

They had to stop the play for a small rain break. Luckily the majority of the storm passed to the East of the theater so we didn’t get hit by lightning! Aaaaaak. The cast of the musical did a great job!

It was a late night for the kids. Jacob and Abe quite didn’t know how to handle their tiredness and were beyond silly on the way home. I was definitely ready for a snooze having arrived home past 11.

p.s. This is one of our family’s funny favorite films of 2014. The kids always joke about Adam singing “Bless your beautiful eye”… as in Mike Wazowski. Truman and Liza were singing that one for months and it made us all laugh.

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