Freedom Festival Parade: Hannah’s Perspective

provo parade
Today I (hannah), went to the Provo Parade with my best friend Téa Randall. We left at 4:30 am, and set up on the side of the street. Me and Téa played Uno until seven, then the runners came by and we started watching the pre-parade. We saw Darth Vadar and his Storm Troopers. When the real thing started, we ate donuts and had frozen blue gatorade. The floats were throwing out candy, and I got a Bobby Lawrence Karate shirt.

My three favorite things about the parade were that all of the Provo missionaries were in the parade, and I thought it was cool. Not long after that, I got to high five 7/10 of all the Studio C cast!!! Me and Téa both LOVE Studio C and were so amazed and practically in heaven. The third thing was that I saw a lot of high school marching bands and I think it would be cool, (but incredibly hot) to be in a marching band.

After the parade ended we all got in our cars and got home at noon. It was a really rad experience and I am glad that Téa invited me and I went.

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