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07 july 201434Our garden is growing, growing, growing. The zucchinis are wild and crazy… Jimmy has worked very hard to keep squash bugs away this year. The cucumbers don’t seem to like the soil and are growing soooooo slow. We harvested one green pepper thus far. The corn has some super tall and amazing stalks but we wonder how much corn is actually going to be produced. First tomato, much to Truman’s delight! We only have 1 carrot. Really. 1 carrot… and we planted rows and rows of carrots. They must not like the soil either… or a freeze got ’em. I love our garden. It seems therapeutic for Jimmy and Truman to go out and water the garden. I love doing it, but I don’t like sharing the hose with tiny tots. (oops!)

In other food news… for years I don’t know that Jimmy and I have agreed that it’s important to poke potatoes before baking them. So – I didn’t poke them this time… and see what happened. Explosion all over the oven! Poke your potatoes people!IMG_3509 copy

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