Fruit of my Labors

fruit of my labors

IMG_4606 copyI admit that I had nothing to do with the success of this garden (well… except for the fact that I asked our neighbor for some of his manure!). Jimmy rocked the garden this year. He got rid of the nasty squash bugs on the zucchini (go SEVEN spray!). He tended to the gigantic tomato plants. We watched and watered the corn though we haven’t figured out the magic touch when it comes to harvest time. Most were a little over done and starchy. The green peppers were small & bitter even though we tried to give them extra water. And though we planted rows of carrots, we only had 2 grow. The cucumbers were late in blooming, but we did get a few to enjoy. We love fresh food! Half the neighborhood was excited that we shared our plentiful zucchini harvest with them. Imagine people being thrilled about zucchini!IMG_4607 copy

IMG_4876 copy

p.s. The Honey Crisp apples (20 lbs for $25) and O’Henry Peaches (20 lbs for $20) came from a farm in Washington. They were huge! A gal in our neighborhood had them delivered. We love fresh food group orders! I loved the apples. My taste buds didn’t love the peaches, but perhaps it’s from the metallic taste I have from my blood pressure medication, especially with acidic foods. Jimmy enjoyed the peaches while they were fresh. They had a hearty texture.

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