It’s all about Peaches

Knowing I couldn’t do much with gigantic peach group orders this year (ya know – babe and family take priority), I didn’t plan on doing much… and hoped to turn it over to a neighbor so we could still get fantastic peaches without dealing with all the $ hassle, etc.

But Friday I decided to text Clark Burgess and ask if he would be up for a group order. He said he had 20+ boxes of peaches picked that morning that he’d love to sell so they wouldn’t go bad. Okey-dokey. Jimmy obliged and helped out. We got 20 boxes, posted info on facebook and sold them all by that evening. Clark gave us the $20/20 lbs discount (normally $23) since it was a last minute order. Anyhoo…. I just adore peaches!
IMG_4144 copy

For some reason this title made me think of Miss Amy in Little Women:

In debt, Amy? What do you mean? And Meg looked sober.

Why, I owe at least a dozen pickled limes, and I can’t pay them, you know, till I have money, for Marmee forbade my having anything charged at the shop.

Tell me all about it. Are limes the fashion now? It used to be pricking bits of rubber to make balls. And Meg tried to keep her countenance, Amy looked so grave and important.

Why, you see, the girls are always buying them, and unless you want to be thought mean, you must do it too. It’s nothing but limes now, for everyone is sucking them in their desks in school time, and trading them off for pencils, bead rings, paper dolls, or something else, at recess. If one girl likes another, she gives her a lime. If she’s mad with her, she eats one before her face, and doesn’t offer even a suck. They treat by turns, and I’ve had ever so many but haven’t returned them, and I ought for they are debts of honor, you know.

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