Lessons learned the hard way

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1. Invest in an apple corer even if you despise the space it takes up in the drawer.
Remember how Abe sliced his thumb cutting an apple. Alright already – I bought an apple corer… much to Jimmy and the kid’s delight. I’m not saying I’m going to use it… but the kids can.

2. Waterproof your keyboard.
Remember like a year ago I spilled hot chocolate on my keyboard and the x wouldn’t work. Remember in the past month when Liza spilled water on the newest keyboard and half the letters didn’t work. I invested in a cheopo Macally keyboard which was $30 cheaper than the Apple one. It supposedly has the shortcuts for a Mac. Anyhoo… I opened it today and I am keeping the plastic cover on it for a while (super annoying but we’ll see if I get used to the waterproof cover). Even though we have a no food/drink rule at the computer, one never knows what can happen with 7 people in the house!

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3. Do it right the first time.
Last year I borrowed the Pettit’s canopy for our snowcone shop. On one of the last snowcone days, the wind blew it right over and it broke. Oops! So I bought her a new one… and us a canopy ($75 deal on Amazon). Well… After using our canopy like 3 times, it is now broken. Grrrr. Totally my fault. We did snowcones yesterday. We were so tired and hot that we left the chairs, table, and canopy set up. I went to rest and though I worried about it blowing over, I wasn’t sure we could get it down with just 2 of us. Anyhoo… I checked outside and there was no wind. Only like 30 minutes later I heard a crash. Wind gust… blown over canopy. Really Heather?! Couldn’t you just have staked it down before snow cones began (even though we were rushed with oodles of kids needing!)? Couldn’t you have had the kids clean up right the first time immediately after snowcones? Then we could have avoided this. Suffice to say, I’m not buying a new canopy. They are like $120 now. Bleh. Lesson learned – alright!

4. Spray that sunscreen!
Yesterday I really was just kicking myself because of the tent and the fact that I didn’t put sunscreen on myself. It was cloudy in the morning and I spent most of the time under the canopy or in the garage with the kids working. But goodness… I have quite the sunburn line on my arms and neck. My face is bright red. Nice.

5. Do not let the kids sunscreen themselves!
I learned my lesson yesterday and made sure we took time to do sunscreen when we went to Seven Peaks this morning. Hannah & Abe sprayed themselves and took care of their faces & backs. Next time this mother will ensure the backs and shoulders get sprayed and rubbed in thoroughly. Ouch! (plus, Abe learned not to spray the Peppermint/Lavender Sunburn Relief Spray in his eyes. Seriously!)

Lessons learned!

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