Now the Day is Over. . . sigh

i have been without a keyboard for a few days (since liza spilled a water squirt bottle on my keyboard. arg!)
I borrowed one from a neighbor (that no one is allowed to touch except me & hannah … if she is indexing)
until my new one arrives.
I bought an knock-off apple keyboard from Amazon for $20 (vs $50 for Apple’s).
Hopefully all the short cut keys will work. Anyhoo…

In other news… this was part of our day … with Abraham.
06 june 201419 copy
I keep telling him to eat fruit and veggies… which he doesn’t like.
But he does like apples.
So I cut one to show him how.
Told him it was super tricky and i wouldn’t recommend him doing it on his own.
He asked again to cut a second apple.
I was tired of telling kids no.
So I didn’t say no.
Wailing Abe coming up the stairs to show me his sliced thumb.
I should have been firm and said NO.
Another ‘Mother of the Year’ Moment. Not!

Wasn’t sure if it was deep enough to require stitches
but because of the location I didn’t want to deal with it popping open every day …
getting infected with all sorts of summer germs.
So we headed to our pediatricians.
She put in 3 stitches… she said it was on the edge of needing them,
but thought the same as I did about popping open and cleanliness, etc.
Abe had a great amount of anxiety about those stitches… but he came out alive.
First stitches for any of the kiddos.

I’m tired and though I was quite ready for the day to be over… oh, about noon… I mean 5 p.m. … I mean yah. uhhhh…
i did hang in there until 8:30 when the 3 littlest tots were in bed.
I love being a mom, but some days are emotionally exhausting.

Gratefully we had some delightful happy MOMENTS this morning when most of the kids slept in.
Then they slowly woke.
Hannah sang “Let it Go” to Ginger the cat who repeated the song in the cutest high-pitched voice…
while Liza danced her little heart out.
Super great happy moment!

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