Ready or not … here baby comes

We’re having a wee little babe tomorrow morning.
This Liza girl won’t be the youngest anymore.IMG_4299 copy
I’m way nervous about the c-section (sixth & last).
But Jimmy gave me a special priesthood blessing tonight which calmed me a little.
The kids are anxious about me being gone so long.
But Grandma Smith is here to help. Bless her.
IMG_4298 copy
The girlies and I did matching toes so we could remember each other while I’m at the hospital.
IMG_4282 copy
We arrive at the hospital 6:15 a.m.
Surgery is at 7:30 a.m.
Please pray for the doctors to be wise, for my life, my baby’s health, Jimmy’s endurance, & my children’s anxiety.
I believe in the power of faith and prayer.

Plus… I really love newborn heaven scent snuggles and I look forward to the reward at the end of the c-section.

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