Silver Lake – Big Cottonwood Canyon

Silver Lake
Big Cottonwood Canyon
.8 Mile Loop
30 Ft Elevation Change

08 02 2014 silver lake big cottonwood2This short hike took our family a very long time. We took our merry ol’ time. Tru said by the end, “Mom, you lied. You said this would be 30 minutes… a short time.” It’s not that I lied, it’s that our walking time probably did take 30 minutes. All of the stops = a bit more time. The boardwalk was easy for all to navigate, especially Liza and this pregnant mama.
08 02 2014 silver lake big cottonwood1
Jimmy and the kids stopped at the educational signs along the way: Waterbugs & insects, beavers, flowers, vegetation. We saw ducks … mama & baby ducks. We saw chipmunks. Tru loved that! Tru noticed that we didn’t see any moose. There was a lot of shade and cloud cover so it was a great walk. Liza fell and scraped her knee… it was very traumatic for the dramatic 2-year-old. She also walked right into a huge puddle though she recovered well from that. Most of all, she had awesome hair!
08 02 2014 silver lake big cottonwood
Abe: “It was better than I expected. I liked looking at the squirrels, chipmunks, and ducks.”

Hannah: “Well, it was nice that it had the little boardwalk some of the time. It was fun to see the ducks and the actual silver lake was really pretty. I liked it cause it was pretty easy and other than the time that Liza fell, it was awesome. I really enjoyed it!”

Max: “Ummmm, it was interesting. I did like it.” (please note that Max pulled his tooth out the night before this hike. He is quite proud of that empty space up top!)
IMG_3694 copy1
I’m really glad we went up to Brighton to enjoy the scenery at Silver Lake. We had never been that far up Big Cottonwood and the mountains were interesting… and lovely. Plus there were some amazing clouds! I’d like to perhaps next year head to Lake Solitude or the Twin Lakes which start at Silver Lake. Hiking is one way I enjoy summer!

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  1. Heather H
    Heather H says:

    We love that “hike”! We have seen moose there a few times. i want to own one of those two beautiful cabins near the lake so I can hang out up there in the summer!

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