Summer 2014 Education Plans

IMG_1695 copyOkey-Dokey… only a week late getting into the summer education groove. Baby Steps!
Here’s the plan:
a little classical music education
a little character development
some fun dot-to-dot & word search
a little family history education
Spiritual development – memorizing scriptures
Family fun!
healthy eating (hannah & abe are doing a food log this week)
Hannah requested a workbook (she loves Math, she does!)
Abe can focus on Webelos activities and reading.
He happens to love National Geographic books like ‘Myths busted”.
Max – we’ll keep him writing and thinking for 1st grade prep.

We’ll see how useful these clipboards are. Each week I’ll put new school papers on for them to do. They can keep track of their goals & assignments. In the school year they can be used as the catch-all place for all the papers needing to be signed or saved. Mostly it was fun to mod-podge them with Miss Hannah.

Overkill? Perhaps.
But – it’s a plan so that mom at least has a back-up for quiet time.
Having a plan has helped my anxiety about a long summer with a pregnant mama and restless kiddos.
And if life changes – move or health issues for mom – we’ll back off and pick it up next summer.
Like how I’m trying to pretend that I can fly by the seat of my pants?

p.s. putting together character, spiritual, music education resources makes me want to homeschool. So much time is wasted at school waiting around for other kids to finish work (I know – one of those life lessons that teaches patience). But how awesome to actually spend time learning all the things I hope my kids will learn … BUT~ yes, homeschooling with 6 kids is sooooo not in the plan. Things would have to be very critical at school for me to pull my kids out. Really! But we’ll take the opportunity in summer to plug through a few things.

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