The Bearded Smith Clan

IMG_3023 copy1 cropPaul, John, & Michael. Oh Boys!

Had these Provo-ites over for Sunday dinner. Paul’s wife, Jill is due to have baby #1 in two weeks. We chatted with Julie (and Brielle) in Virginia via Skype and heard the delivery story. Brielle is 4 days old. Cute little babe! The kids love having the Smiths over. Paul won them over by jumping on the tramp with them. He gave them oodles of bounce!

smithTru with John’s glasses. What a character (as Grandma Nelson would say!). We were commenting on how Tru really is a smart kiddo and he started goofing off with the glasses. Oh Truman!

07 july 201412We had Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Kabobs, Yummy Rice, Grilled Brown Sugar Pineapple, Green Salad, Relish Plate, and the tastiest summer treat of all: Mud Pie! Jimmy tried some new grilled potato chips. They were quite delicious! The thinner the better, we’re going to say.

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