The zoo… the zoo… the zoo

06 june 20149Went to the zoo today. Boy-howdy. Liza screamed for 10 minutes in the parking lot. We’re not sure why. I think she wanted the stroller instead of the wagon. Oh-so-2! We made it through the crowded entrance… only to enter a crowded zoo. I guess everyone else in Utah thought it perfect zoo weather. And how it was! Like highs in the low 70s. I nearly went straight back home because of the crowds. But we persevered since we have a year pass anyways.

We saw the new lions & zebras. The boys liked the ostrich. Liza was sad that the giraffes were nowhere to be found. Abe liked the elephants, the swinging monkeys, and the bald eagles. The rhinos had feeding time and we missed them… much to Tru’s dismay. We made it about half-way through and headed uphill (literally) to the exit. (see kids pulling and pushing and riding in wagon) We’ll have to do the rest of the zoo at a later date.

The kids thanked me for taking them, so perhaps they had at least a little fun. For me, it was more stressful managing shoving boys, whining Liza, and hungry kids amidst the crowd.

One funny thing was this sweet older woman asking if there was some event or occasion going on with all the young mother’s at the zoo. I wasn’t sure how to respond … “Welcome to Utah during summer break!” seemed the most applicable.

FYI… Really love this sunscreen! It isn’t greasy and smelly like other sunscreens. Thank you Trader Joes!IMG_1905 copy

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  1. Heather H
    Heather H says:

    We went on Wednesday, the giraffes are over behind the train now just so you know for next time. We have a pass as well so we should try to go again this summer with you guys.

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