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How to Change!

Just a few notes and thoughts from “He did deliver me from Bondage” book by Colleen Harrison. It used to be a resource in the church’s addiction program until they wrote their own program. I love that it’s full of study of the Book of Mormon. It addresses any challenge we might have that make […]

Smith Family Sacrament Meeting

Today Eliza gave a sacrament meeting talk on Love. It was so cute helping her write it. It was just her style and very sweet. She colored each time Love was mentioned. For Sunday School, Hannah, Max, and Abe each prepared 2 sections of the first Preach my Gospel lesson. They taught about God, Jesus […]

Words of the Year 2020

Eliza and I have been doing a 3×5 art-card-a-day project. Wanting to think on a solid topic that had been in my mind, I thought I’d digitally create word art. Not very artsy but it’s important to my heart so I’ll count it. FAITHFUL…. Not just faith, but one who is full of faith, one […]


I’ve been studying about the Miracle of the Passover in Moses time and the Miracle of the Seagulls in Pioneer times. I guess my thoughts have turned there during this Easter and Passover time of year as well as this Corona pandemic. I’ve thought of the fasting and prayers for relief from suffering, sickness, and […]

Forgiveness & Healing

This past week our family experienced a devastating blow, feeling betrayed and misunderstood by someone who should have been a trusted friend. I don’t know if it was viciousness or ignorance on their part, but they will never know the damage they have caused. I’d like to think what they did was out of love […]


Today … Outside my window… Bright Texas Sunshine. 62 degrees which is perfect! Falling Leaves. I am thinking… about how to help our family be more peaceful and happy together. We’ve had so much arguing and nit-picking lately with all the kids. It seems someone is always crying, or arguing, or fussing or having to […]

North Rim Grand Canyon

It’s been forever. Life is hectic. I can’t fit in everything I’d like to do. But… here’s a bit. We went on a 10-day trip to Utah. It was hard. It was fun. I was just going through pictures and was able to auto-merge these photos we took into a panoramic version. Cool, eh? You […]

The Little Red Hen

Last week Jimmy mentioned that he was weary of the kids having the ‘Not I’ attitude… which was a perfect lead-in idea to read The Little Red Hen for a Family Devotional. Ah-ha… interesting how often we sound like the ones who didn’t want to help that hard-working little red hen. Jimmy shared the scripture […]

“This soup is a Gift from God”

So … long time no blogging. But… we’re back! Quick important story. We were healthy for so long. and then it ended. it ended the week jimmy had a week long meeting in oklahoma. we had the 3 littlest with rsv & strep. And I felt completely strengthened by earthly and spirit angels. Amy Binns […]