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Forgiveness & Healing

This past week our family experienced a devastating blow, feeling betrayed and misunderstood by someone who should have been a trusted friend. I don’t know if it was viciousness or ignorance on their part, but they will never know the damage they have caused. I’d like to think what they did was out of love […]


Today … Outside my window… Bright Texas Sunshine. 62 degrees which is perfect! Falling Leaves. I am thinking… about how to help our family be more peaceful and happy together. We’ve had so much arguing and nit-picking lately with all the kids. It seems someone is always crying, or arguing, or fussing or having to […]

North Rim Grand Canyon

It’s been forever. Life is hectic. I can’t fit in everything I’d like to do. But… here’s a bit. We went on a 10-day trip to Utah. It was hard. It was fun. I was just going through pictures and was able to auto-merge these photos we took into a panoramic version. Cool, eh? You […]

The Little Red Hen

Last week Jimmy mentioned that he was weary of the kids having the ‘Not I’ attitude… which was a perfect lead-in idea to read The Little Red Hen for a Family Devotional. Ah-ha… interesting how often we sound like the ones who didn’t want to help that hard-working little red hen. Jimmy shared the scripture […]

“This soup is a Gift from God”

So … long time no blogging. But… we’re back! Quick important story. We were healthy for so long. and then it ended. it ended the week jimmy had a week long meeting in oklahoma. we had the 3 littlest with rsv & strep. And I felt completely strengthened by earthly and spirit angels. Amy Binns […]

Math Whiz

Truman’s teacher at school wanted us to have him tested for gifted and talented because she saw higher-order thinking processes in him. “Higher order thinking (HOT) is thinking on a level that is higher than memorizing facts or telling something back to someone exactly the way it was told to you. HOT takes thinking to […]

because i love you, i will …

tough love with my kiddos is hard for me. mostly i want to just have fun together. but as a mother, i know that if i truly love my kids, i will teach them eternal truths. these are often simple yet powerful lessons for them to learn (and me also!) on extra challenging days or […]

Let the Christmas Season begin!

Moments… with the family decorating the tree. Eliza was most delighted to know we had a chimney for Santa to shimmy down this Christmas. Hannah was thrilled to have a mantle to hang stockings on. Scotty toddled around chasing a balloon and playing with the boys. It was mostly a happy time. [mostly… because, ya […]

This week in pictures

We love the duck pond by our apartment. It’s so lovely. It’s a great walk and a mellow family activity (well… as mellow as things get around which actually isn’t very mellow). But it’s a pleasant atmosphere. Autumn leaves falling! It’s arrived. The weather is perfectly lovely. And we’re enjoying it since we know summer […]

Scotland’s life

What 14-month old needs toys when he has a garbage can, a mop, perhaps a towel or sock. Not scotty! When he decides he’s content enough in his belly and his guts and emotions, he roams the house finding every day items to enjoy. He pushes the garbage can or laundry baskets around. He finds […]