37 weeks … 9 more days to go

Yesterday I had a non-stress test, fluid check, doctor’s appointment that took half the day. Hannah came with me to hear babe’s heart beat and see what it’s all like at the doc’s. Melanie (aka… Mary Poppins) babysat the rest of the tots.

Best explanation of how I felt yesterday…. weary. I caught Truman’s cold and thus didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. Snuffy nose and all. Bleh. So tired physically and tired emotionally from pregnancy woes.

But – aha… there is always hope! 9 more days to go. My blood pressure was higher today but still not over 140/90. NST looked great as did babe.
08 august 20149Seriously so embarrassed to pose for a pregnancy picture… but don’t ya think our wee babe will grow up and be glad to see a picture of his mother pregnant with him? Maybe?

And then… a list of name ideas? My favorites to joke about:  Gladdy (with a Scottish Accent) and Hamil (middle eastern accent). Other top ones were Darth Mal which Liza thought quite funny. But seriously – I told Jim we really need to decide on a name. Liza insists it’s Baby Scotty…. so we’ll see.

Hannah took a picture of Jim eating a fresh peach. He’s been rather patient with my pregnancy complaints as of late.

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