Glucose Monitoring

Yesterday I met with the Gestational Diabetes Dietician, Elise Christensen.

Poor her to have to endure my grouchy-pants attitude about the no-to-low sugar thing.

Basically I can only eat 30 Grams of Carbohydrates, six times a day.
And then test my blood sugar 4 times a day.
Yesterday I set 10 alarms on my phone to remind myself to actually eat snacks so i wouldn’t starve by mealtimes…
and to remember to test glucose levels.

Elise said that for Gestation Diabetes purposes, I only needed to check Grams of Carbs.
I was complicating life by looking at calories, glycemic index, etc.
She said to keep things simple… just count by Carbs.
Plus, I read in my booklet that I can subtract the Dietary Fiber from the total carbs for that meal.
More Fiber = more eats!

I am also trying to watch sodium in processed foods.
Not that my high blood pressure is solely based on sodium intake,
but I want to help out where I can.
After I had Liza, I ended up in tears at the reality of cutting out sodium.
Sodium and sugar really are delightful. smile!

Elise also reassured me I could eat anything I wanted, it was just about portion control.
So – why would I choose to eat 2 redvines, when I could have something that would actually fill me up?
Though some days I think that might be emotionally beneficial.
Like today. I looked up the snowcone syrup carbs.
1 oz of syrup (2 TBLSP) = 15 Carbs.
Thus I could have a very mini snow cone… or add lots of ice for a slightly flavored summer treat.

All proteins are free = 0 carbs so I can add those to anything.
For example… breakfast this morning.
I could have 1/4 cup granola (not much!)
+ 1/4 cup milk.
I threw in an orange for 15 Carbs.
I was at my limit.
So I ate some scrambled eggs (eggs are NOT my favorite!) to fill me up.
This consistent diet requires me to make greater effort in the kitchen for my own meals.

I do wish I liked protein more… like meat or cheese or nuts.
Perhaps I’ll learn to like them.

Overall… despite my grouchy attitude about cutting out sweets,
I know it will encourage a more healthy lifestyle… for me and baby.
I am hoping to lose 10 lbs of ya know – heather back fat…
Don’t worry – I have plenty to shed… like 25 or so.
Baby will take what it needs.

The other bit about gestational diabetes is the encouragement to exercise.
I have done better at going on random walks with the kids.
A few summers ago we were rockstars at going on morning walks.
Once we got to 4 & 5 kiddos, we were stopping every 5 seconds to assist someone and the walk was not super beneficial.

IMG_1656 copy
In other food news… this meal definitely wasn’t up to Gestational Diabetes code…
luckily I wasn’t on my strict diet yet. haha.
but this is what I took the gal I visit teach who had a baby (cutest little bug he was!)
Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon honey butter! Yum (definitely not working with the under 30 carbs thing).
Green leaf lettuce & spinach…
blueberries, mandarin oranges, roasted sliced almonds with a strawberry poppy seed dressing.
We added rotisserie chicken which actually cubed quite tidy (I’m a dork at whole chicken!).
Fresh pineapple … and what a delicious meal to me.
Too bad I’m not more creative & adventurous to try new meals such as this.
There is always hope for me and food though!

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