Non Stress Tests

07 july 201433Yesterday at the doc, I was instructed that non-stress tests must start happening. According to Dr. Bean, I was supposed to do them at 32 weeks. Well, Dr. Bean went on vacation and Dr. Melendez said 36 weeks was sufficient. Here at 34 weeks, as hard as it is to leave the kids twice a week for hours, I think it wise to double-check my health/blood pressure and babe’s health.

Today was my first non-stress test that wasn’t in the hospital (like with Eliza’s pregnancy). They have a glorious recliner (that I think we all MUST have at some point!), a lovely view of the mountains, and that glorious nugget ice that I adore. Though it took me a while to chill out from the stress of rushing there and leaving tots and such, it was pleasant.

Allison has sure tried to help me not be so grouchy about all my NST’s. She’s a cheerful soul. I took my Canon Rebel camera and instruction manual and thought it might be a good time to finally learn how to use my camera off of auto. I learned quite a bit, but only had my shoes to practice on as I was reclining with belly bands recording baby’s heart.

Doctor Bean scheduled me for my c-section on August 28… which is 38 weeks and 2 days (since I wanted him to be the doc to do the surgery). Guess we’ll see how the next few weeks go with all my many appointments.

p.s. the only other glorious bit of news is that Allison asked the doctor if I could hold off on further 24-hour urine labs until my blood pressure does go up. Yay! Storing a huge container of pee in the fridge for 24 hours is quite disgusting, not to mention inconvenient as a busy mom. See – there is always something to be glad about!

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