Scotland is 1 month old

IMG_5059 copy2
Mr Scotland is one month old! He weighs 8 lb 11 oz and is growing steadily. He seems to have a bit of colic as he is a cry-baby-cranky-pants from 7-10 p.m. Sigh… This too shall pass. The kids adore him. Truman says Scotty is the best and cutest baby he has!

The kids had been asking for cookies so instead of a cake for Scotty we enjoyed some homemade bakery style m&m cookies. I spy the mini green cookie tray that my mother used to use for cookies! Best vintage tray ever!
IMG_5075 copy

This wee babe is great at finding a thumb to suck on.
IMG_5091 copyHe sleeps for about 4 hours at night though during the day he prefers to drink 3 oz bottles every 3 hours. It’s all about eat, sleep, poop, cry, & gaze at angels at this point.

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