Scotland Rules Babyhood!

2015 05 may
Scotland is 8 months old.
He eats baby food.
He gets up on his knees
though scoots forward still for now.

He makes awesome faces due to those 2 chompers that just grew in.
And yes, he still spits up (just not quite as much)

Scotty is amazingly happy and darling.
He is a blessing of cheer and sweetness to our home and family.
He endures much from siblings.
He tries so hard to be patient to wait his turn for assistance.

He says da-dah … na-nah … and bah-bah.
He can smack his tongue like Tru and Max did.
He loves to kick things especially if it makes noise.
He’s starting into stranger danger & doesn’t want anyone else to hold him but immediate family.
Is shy which is about the only time he’ll snuggle into mom’s shoulder … to hide from new people.

We pretty much adore Scotty!

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  1. Amy DeMordaunt
    Amy DeMordaunt says:

    He’s darling and beautiful, fun and cute. I love his eyes. And his bib ;)
    He fits in as a cute little blondie of your family!!

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