The pregnancy conundrum: Rest or Work

We’ve definitely had a mixture of emotions this week.

We all caught the blasted Summer Cold going around the neighborhood.
For some reason mine sunk into a deeper bronchitis cough.
My poor belly with all this coughing.
The scar tissue under my belly rips and tugs when I cough. Boo-hoo.
So, I keep trying to rest.

I don’t cough as much when I lay down.
And my blood pressure is obviously lower when I rest.

For example, I go to the nurse’s station and have blood pressure checked and it’s like 140/90-ish. They take it a few times.

I rip the cuff off and tell them it will only get higher the more they take it (hello grouchy pregnant woman!). They put the cuff back on and take it and it gets higher. Told you! (plus… nurses, don’t put the cuff on so tight it feels like a tourniquet, that definitely won’t help anyone’s blood pressure) Anyhoo… Then five minutes later I go into my non-stress test and my blood pressure will be 118/80-ish… consistently. Rest is better I guess.

Have you ever been tired of resting? Yep.
But sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything else.
Oh, but there is so much to be done.
Things I am aware of… and have the desire to do…
the action/energy/physical mobility just isn’t there.
You know the whole nesting thing.

So I’m in a co·nun·drum
Rest or get stuff done.

Going to rest… more on this later.

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