2012 One Little Word

1st up… review One Little Word 2011… which really turned out to be 3 little words = 1 big idea… CREATE POSITIVE CHANGE.

Yah… I don’t know if I did very well at that. I think I hibernated in my bed for 4 months feeling like puking every minute. Thank you pregnancy for that! Then we made it through the summer … had a baby… and called as R.S. President. I think Survive… and try to Thrive… would have been a better ‘One Big Idea’ for me.

But I did create a bit of change. We had Family Morning Devotional more often. We memorized more scriptures as a family. We taught the kids how to clean bathrooms and sweep the floor. We sure tried. And in my world… trying counts for something. I don’t know what – but something.

On to 2012…Our ward R.S. theme is “May Christ Lift Thee Up.” Moroni 9:25.

So going along with that… my word is UPLIFT. Meaning I want to remember to turn to Christ… to recognize the strength and joy that comes from Him… to understand the Atonement better… that comfort and healing and lifting up from Christ.

And then in turn, help UPLIFT others around me… my husband, my kids, friends, neighbors, ward members… help testify and share and LIVE that JOY and healing that comes only from Christ.

p.s. color of the year… tangerine. lovin’ it. cheer. color. vitamin c. bright. fun. go tangerine!

the BOSSY mom and SIGNS

I’m a different sort of mother than I was 8 years ago. Perhaps some for the better and some for the worse. I used to be pretty quiet and mellow. Now I have to be more assertive and “in-charge” (which I prefer to call it instead of “bossy”) to keep tots on task. But I get tired of nagging and I’m working on that. I want to communicate expectations and then follow through on consequences without reminding a million times. Ok – really – mostly I just want to have fun … sigh… but reality is that in order to keep the family going, work must be done.

My nephew came to our house last summer and commented on all the SIGNS I had posted reminding the kids to do things… chores, family rules, lists, etc. Yep – it’s true… and maybe it’s dorky or a bad idea … but I decided to give it a try so the kids can be held responsible for certain things without me having to tell them over and over and over.

For example:

These chore charts have helped immensely with this. The kids know what needs to happen after school and I can just remind them to finish their lists.  They wipe these clean every day (well, that’s the idea).  We use wet-erase overhead markers that work GREAT!

Another CHANGE in attitude we’re working on is explained in this quote:
We need everyone to help to survive these days. Each person in the family keeps us all going. We may not want to work or do an extra chore, but it’s part of being a member of a family! So – no whining or complaining people!… unless you want more tasks. :)

We have issues with dishes around here. It’s impossible to do the dishes when Truman is on the loose. He pulls dishes out of the dishwasher and climbs up and tries to help empty it. Anyhoo… we have issues with the dishes. So, one of the changes I’m implementing around here is to teach the kids what to do with dirty dishes. Yes, it would be nice if the dishwasher were always emptied so everyone could put their dishes right in. We’ll work on that. But for now, reality is, that sometimes it’s clean and the dishes get stacked all gooey and tippy on the counter. It drives me bonkers to finally get to the dishes, only to spend half the time scrubbing crud off the plates. We’ll see if this sign helps.  I don’t know… maybe it’s too confusing.  I guess we’ll experiment.

This is one that was posted last summer. I put it by the garage door so the kids can go down the list and make sure they are ready to leave the house for our summer outings. Did it always happen? No. But if someone forgot their water bottle, they knew they were responsible to get it.

And just so we’ve got ’em all… here’s our 2011 Priorities (used to be GOALS, but I liked an idea a friend had to call it PRIORITIES).

How’s that for bossy? Perhaps I’m on the wrong track, but it at least all the signs help remind us what we’re all about and what we’re trying to accomplish. Ya gotta start somewhere and then go onward from there, eh?

2011 Family Goals

Part of my Positive CHANGE movement includes establishing new family goals and habits. My bro-and sis-in law set up their family goals in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I liked it… so we went with that idea. For FHE we had everyone brainstorm ideas for family goals. Here’s what we came up with:

We generally have FHE once a week, but it’s usually thrown together 5 seconds before. I want one of those neat fhe boards with the vinyl and all… but since it hasn’t happened for like a year, we’re going with the only thing Heather knows… printing digital prints at Costco. GO laminated Costco Prints!!! We’ll put a doo-bobbie-twisty-thing in the middle so the center circle can turn.

The other thing that needs to happen in this home is making sure we really get to our chores. The kids do awesome on their daily chores. But sometimes Saturday morning comes and Abe is done by 9 a.m. and is asking to play. I know the house still needs work, but sometimes I can’t think of an extra job on the spot. Here’s my solution which I know will be tweaked. Basically by Saturday Evening each of the items should be checked off. Obviously some need to be done several times a week…. like sweep kitchen… but this will give me a checklist to give the kids. Wouldn’t it be lovely if all these were actually accomplished and we could have a perfectly tidy home on Sundays. Oh – looks like I need to add some laundry duties on there too. We don’t want the mountains to overcome us.

I guess we’ll give it a GO! and try and make NEW good things happen around here.

2011: THREE little words… ONE big idea

I’ve been thinking for a few months now about my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2011. I kept coming back to all things I need to CHANGE in our home and our lifestyle to not just survive my life as mother but to ENDURE WELL … HAPPILY. So yes, I’m breaking all the One Little Word rules… and changed it to be One BIG idea… three LITTLE words.

Create = the action
Positive = all good, uplifting, onward, inspired of God
Change = to improve or make better

For a long time now, I’ve felt like we need to evaluate our life… see what’s workin’, what’s not, what stresses, what relieves, what drains, what builds, what keeps us going (and do more of that!). I think it’s about a change of lifestyle and choices – to create the life we want to have. So – looking forward to that in 2011. It’s going to build some character because CHANGE is not always easy for this girl, especially if it involves more than just thinking about inspiring things… action girl! Action!

“In order to keep getting more of what you already have, keep doing what you are doing.
If you want something different, you must DO something different.”

Lucy MacDonald