Fruit of my Labors

fruit of my labors

IMG_4606 copyI admit that I had nothing to do with the success of this garden (well… except for the fact that I asked our neighbor for some of his manure!). Jimmy rocked the garden this year. He got rid of the nasty squash bugs on the zucchini (go SEVEN spray!). He tended to the gigantic tomato plants. We watched and watered the corn though we haven’t figured out the magic touch when it comes to harvest time. Most were a little over done and starchy. The green peppers were small & bitter even though we tried to give them extra water. And though we planted rows of carrots, we only had 2 grow. The cucumbers were late in blooming, but we did get a few to enjoy. We love fresh food! Half the neighborhood was excited that we shared our plentiful zucchini harvest with them. Imagine people being thrilled about zucchini!IMG_4607 copy

IMG_4876 copy

p.s. The Honey Crisp apples (20 lbs for $25) and O’Henry Peaches (20 lbs for $20) came from a farm in Washington. They were huge! A gal in our neighborhood had them delivered. We love fresh food group orders! I loved the apples. My taste buds didn’t love the peaches, but perhaps it’s from the metallic taste I have from my blood pressure medication, especially with acidic foods. Jimmy enjoyed the peaches while they were fresh. They had a hearty texture.



From Hannah’s Perspective:
Well, to start off, my friend Téa and her family were planning on going to Lagoon after school on Friday, and coincidentally they found an extra ticket and invited me to come with them. I have never been, so I seized the opportunity. It took one hour to get there. There was still a thirty minute wait until it opened, but it didn’t seem that long. Luckily, because Téa’s dad works at NuSkin, we got in free.

When we went in the first thing that we did was go on two roller coasters, the Bat and Bombora. I thought that they went fast, and both of them went sideways. The Bat was less “intense”. After that Téa and I went on the Dragon. We took a selfie with the dragon to show to my family. It went forwards really fast in a circle, then backwards. Then we went to go eat. We all got a free meal at Subway. Téa and I headed off to the ski lift thingy there. It stopped twice during the middle, but other than that, it was really peaceful. I’m not even kidding.

Anyway, right after that we thought our stomaches had settled enough to go on Twirl a Whirl. We actually got lost and had to call Téa’s mom and find her, but we found the ride eventually. We went on it four times in a row, and it twirled us around a ton! Anyway, after that we went to “Terror Ride”. The line was pretty long, and there was this little girl with her mom who was really scared. The little girl asked us if it was scary. Téa assured her that it wasn’t scary, just really loud, so she should plug her ears and possibly close her eyes. It was just weird to me. Right after that we went on bumper cars. Then we went on these swings.

I was really scared to go on the swings, even though Téa kept reassuring me that it would be fine. When we started, it was so neat! We went over a “lake”, if you could call it that, and there was a swan in there. I wanted to go on it over and over again, but we had to go meet Téa’s family. Téa bought some cotton candy and we shared it. Then we went on the ski lift thing again. It stopped abruptly five times, and each time it stopped we thought it was broken. But we got off just fine then went on the Dragon again. After a while we went back on the Twirl a Whirl twice, then considered going on one that neither me or Téa had gone on before. It’s called the Space Scrambler. The first time we went on it, I kept smashing into Téa. The second time, we switched places and she kept smashing into me. I preferred smashing into Téa, and she preferred to be smashed. So the third time we went on it, we did that. My head hit her nose, but luckily she was fine.

Right as we were about to leave, Téa’s mom decided to try to win a stuffed raccoon (that looks more like a lemur with 5x as big of eyes), by kicking a soccer ball past the cardboard goalie. So, if you didn’t already know how good Téa’s family is at soccer, she won one. Then we left at about ten p.m., and got home at eleven. It was a really fun experience and I am glad that i went with Téa!!!

Ready or not … here baby comes

We’re having a wee little babe tomorrow morning.
This Liza girl won’t be the youngest anymore.IMG_4299 copy
I’m way nervous about the c-section (sixth & last).
But Jimmy gave me a special priesthood blessing tonight which calmed me a little.
The kids are anxious about me being gone so long.
But Grandma Smith is here to help. Bless her.
IMG_4298 copy
The girlies and I did matching toes so we could remember each other while I’m at the hospital.
IMG_4282 copy
We arrive at the hospital 6:15 a.m.
Surgery is at 7:30 a.m.
Please pray for the doctors to be wise, for my life, my baby’s health, Jimmy’s endurance, & my children’s anxiety.
I believe in the power of faith and prayer.

Plus… I really love newborn heaven scent snuggles and I look forward to the reward at the end of the c-section.

peaches 2014

oh – i just had to do peaches.
baby coming or not.
peaches are my favorite fruit.
and these were super tasty to me.
Jimmy helped me slice and dice and bag half of it.
IMG_4272 copy
45 red haven peaches
orange juice & lemon juice (drained)
3-ish cups per freezer quart bag
12 quart bags of peach yumminess to savor all winter long
IMG_4276 copy

The pregnancy conundrum: Rest or Work

We’ve definitely had a mixture of emotions this week.

We all caught the blasted Summer Cold going around the neighborhood.
For some reason mine sunk into a deeper bronchitis cough.
My poor belly with all this coughing.
The scar tissue under my belly rips and tugs when I cough. Boo-hoo.
So, I keep trying to rest.

I don’t cough as much when I lay down.
And my blood pressure is obviously lower when I rest.

For example, I go to the nurse’s station and have blood pressure checked and it’s like 140/90-ish. They take it a few times.

I rip the cuff off and tell them it will only get higher the more they take it (hello grouchy pregnant woman!). They put the cuff back on and take it and it gets higher. Told you! (plus… nurses, don’t put the cuff on so tight it feels like a tourniquet, that definitely won’t help anyone’s blood pressure) Anyhoo… Then five minutes later I go into my non-stress test and my blood pressure will be 118/80-ish… consistently. Rest is better I guess.

Have you ever been tired of resting? Yep.
But sometimes I’m just too tired to do anything else.
Oh, but there is so much to be done.
Things I am aware of… and have the desire to do…
the action/energy/physical mobility just isn’t there.
You know the whole nesting thing.

So I’m in a co·nun·drum
Rest or get stuff done.

Going to rest… more on this later.

37 weeks … 9 more days to go

Yesterday I had a non-stress test, fluid check, doctor’s appointment that took half the day. Hannah came with me to hear babe’s heart beat and see what it’s all like at the doc’s. Melanie (aka… Mary Poppins) babysat the rest of the tots.

Best explanation of how I felt yesterday…. weary. I caught Truman’s cold and thus didn’t sleep hardly at all last night. Snuffy nose and all. Bleh. So tired physically and tired emotionally from pregnancy woes.

But – aha… there is always hope! 9 more days to go. My blood pressure was higher today but still not over 140/90. NST looked great as did babe.
08 august 20149Seriously so embarrassed to pose for a pregnancy picture… but don’t ya think our wee babe will grow up and be glad to see a picture of his mother pregnant with him? Maybe?

And then… a list of name ideas? My favorites to joke about:  Gladdy (with a Scottish Accent) and Hamil (middle eastern accent). Other top ones were Darth Mal which Liza thought quite funny. But seriously – I told Jim we really need to decide on a name. Liza insists it’s Baby Scotty…. so we’ll see.

Hannah took a picture of Jim eating a fresh peach. He’s been rather patient with my pregnancy complaints as of late.

It’s all about Peaches

Knowing I couldn’t do much with gigantic peach group orders this year (ya know – babe and family take priority), I didn’t plan on doing much… and hoped to turn it over to a neighbor so we could still get fantastic peaches without dealing with all the $ hassle, etc.

But Friday I decided to text Clark Burgess and ask if he would be up for a group order. He said he had 20+ boxes of peaches picked that morning that he’d love to sell so they wouldn’t go bad. Okey-dokey. Jimmy obliged and helped out. We got 20 boxes, posted info on facebook and sold them all by that evening. Clark gave us the $20/20 lbs discount (normally $23) since it was a last minute order. Anyhoo…. I just adore peaches!
IMG_4144 copy

For some reason this title made me think of Miss Amy in Little Women:

In debt, Amy? What do you mean? And Meg looked sober.

Why, I owe at least a dozen pickled limes, and I can’t pay them, you know, till I have money, for Marmee forbade my having anything charged at the shop.

Tell me all about it. Are limes the fashion now? It used to be pricking bits of rubber to make balls. And Meg tried to keep her countenance, Amy looked so grave and important.

Why, you see, the girls are always buying them, and unless you want to be thought mean, you must do it too. It’s nothing but limes now, for everyone is sucking them in their desks in school time, and trading them off for pencils, bead rings, paper dolls, or something else, at recess. If one girl likes another, she gives her a lime. If she’s mad with her, she eats one before her face, and doesn’t offer even a suck. They treat by turns, and I’ve had ever so many but haven’t returned them, and I ought for they are debts of honor, you know.

Bless your beautiful hide …

little black camera
Thank you Pass of all Passes for the “free” tickets to Seven Brides for Seven Brother’s play at the Scera in Orem. I didn’t want to take our littles since it started at 8 p.m., so we took Téa & Jacob & Melanie (Mary Poppins Babysitter who loves plays). The kids played cards for an hour while we waited for the production to start. We sat on blankets on the hill and quite enjoyed the musical. I was grateful for my little stadium seat to support my pregnant body!

They had to stop the play for a small rain break. Luckily the majority of the storm passed to the East of the theater so we didn’t get hit by lightning! Aaaaaak. The cast of the musical did a great job!

It was a late night for the kids. Jacob and Abe quite didn’t know how to handle their tiredness and were beyond silly on the way home. I was definitely ready for a snooze having arrived home past 11.

p.s. This is one of our family’s funny favorite films of 2014. The kids always joke about Adam singing “Bless your beautiful eye”… as in Mike Wazowski. Truman and Liza were singing that one for months and it made us all laugh.

I’m not even sure what to say…

but isn’t she most darling?!
Gearing up to run into the water… tiny sprinklers!
Her glorious locks!
08 august 20148

And… She plays the violin with the Fly Swatter and says, “Sing guys!” … all while wearing Truman’s school shirt.08 august 201411
p.s. don’t worry – we do try and sterilize the fly swatter occasionally!


We’re having a baby in two weeks.

2 weeks people!

I’m aware, more than ever that the piles, clutter, laundry, pantry, dishes, etc… need some major revamps if we are to survive with mom recovering from c-section + 6 kids in our home. Perhaps boxing everything up might be the solution. No toys, no books, no snacks… hmmmm, may not work!

I’m working on a plan… but for now, we’ll start with Kitchen Duties.
We have an eternal pile of dishes to be washed by hand.
I think we should stop baking and just eat out. Bleh.
I guess the budget wouldn’t survive that. And our health.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.41.26 PM

If I come up with any other ridiculous home rules in the next week, I’ll let ya know.
Next up – laundry revamp!