Scotland’s life

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What 14-month old needs toys when he has a garbage can, a mop, perhaps a towel or sock. Not scotty! When he decides he’s content enough in his belly and his guts and emotions, he roams the house finding every day items to enjoy. He pushes the garbage can or laundry baskets around. He finds laundry, clean or dirty, and walks around with it on his head. He thinks he’s super funny. Baby giggles are the best!

Scotty is 14 months. He walked at about 13 months and actually is getting quite balanced. Not quite running, but is getting faster.

This kiddo shrieks and screams. we’ve got to work on sign language or real words more because if he wants something, he points and screams… even at church… or the library… or the store. He’s a tricky one. He’ll say many words but not consistently or understandably. Today he said ‘choc’ for hot chocolate. He also said ‘kit-kat’ that Max taught him. He says ‘nana’ for hannah for banana. He’ll say ‘daddy’ all silly. He says mama and will try to say most of the kids names when prompted. Speech is an area we need to focus on and perhaps that will help the shrieking tantrums.

Scotty has had a crazy hard time with his guts and poops. Way too much info. But it’s been hard. We had a stomach bug that ended with some nasty yeast diaper rash for a week. He only wanted dairy. Ugh. Looks like diet needs to be a focus as well. He used to be amazing at eating many things and now is super picky especially about fruits and veggies. He loves waffles, bananas, cheese, milk, apples, and rice. Yikes. Sounds like the B.R.A.T. diet. Oh – but he’ll eat wood chips at the park. Fiber anyone?

Scotty has done pretty well on our long drives to Rockwall this past month. He looks out the window. He likes when music is playing. He snuggles his blankie. We hand food back… though since I cleaned the van last Saturday (grrrrr…), I’ve been more careful about what I hand him… and am better about cleaning out his seat every day. Usually Truman sits by Scotty and helps him with snacks or toys. Eliza is a good helper on our drive home from dropping the kids off at school.

Scotty usually just takes one nap a day lately. Usually from 11-2. And then we get him up to go get the kids from school. He sleeps from about 8-7 at night. Though he’s still a stinker and sometimes gets up in the middle of the night. It’s hard to make him cry it out when we’re in an apartment that shares walls with so many others. He sleeps in a walk-in closet in our master bedroom hallway. The fan from the laundry room provides white noise for him. Our entire apartment is either tile or laminate wood so it echoes a lot. Hard to have quiet sleep time with so many loud siblings in the house.

Scotty loves daddy. Today Jimmy needed me to hold Scotty for a bit so he could have a restroom break. Scotty wailed and wailed. Really Scotty?! I love you too. Luckily he does have mom moments and occasionally – though rare – he’ll snuggle.

Anyhoo… Scotland is a delight in our family. He cheers up the kids when they are sad. He has been playing with Abe lately and especially enjoys pushing the buttons on his trumpet. His laugh is hearty and great. His hair is like Max’s… all stiff and grows forward. His eyes are more on the gray side (vs the previous blue) and will probably be hazel like all the other boys. I’m grateful for the cheer and innocence he brings into our home.

This included rambling thoughts about our life now. But since I hadn’t written anything about Scotty lately, I figured it was insightful for family history. Wink. and. smile.

Scotland Rules Babyhood!

2015 05 may
Scotland is 8 months old.
He eats baby food.
He gets up on his knees
though scoots forward still for now.

He makes awesome faces due to those 2 chompers that just grew in.
And yes, he still spits up (just not quite as much)

Scotty is amazingly happy and darling.
He is a blessing of cheer and sweetness to our home and family.
He endures much from siblings.
He tries so hard to be patient to wait his turn for assistance.

He says da-dah … na-nah … and bah-bah.
He can smack his tongue like Tru and Max did.
He loves to kick things especially if it makes noise.
He’s starting into stranger danger & doesn’t want anyone else to hold him but immediate family.
Is shy which is about the only time he’ll snuggle into mom’s shoulder … to hide from new people.

We pretty much adore Scotty!

Scotty and His Tooth

IMG_8182 copyScotty’s first tooth has emerged. Wahoo. He’s nearly 8 months old. He makes funny faces because he can feel his teeth poking through. His gums didn’t really get red and swollen. He had a fever for a day or so, but wasn’t too cranky-pants. Congrats Scotty on reaching this milestone.


Scotty (2014) & Abraham (2004) in the same outfit.
Both have a little reddish in their hair at this point.
What do you think?

sidenote: Scotty was 10 lbs at 10 weeks old.
His cheeks are starting to get chubby (well, as chubby as Scotty ever is!).
Two weeks are his collar-bone break, his bone is mostly healed (according to the doctor).
He has a bump and a dip where it healed unevenly. Boo.
The doctor said it should smooth out as the bone fills in.

Scotty’s Eyes

IMG_6016 copy
I keep hoping Scotty’s eyes will stay blue. Right now they are pretty close to the color of this blue-ish/grey outfit. We’ll see what they do over the next few years. Hannah had blue eyes for almost 2 years and then they turned brown. Doesn’t he look tired here! Poor wee babe.

The sad, sad case of the Fractured Clavicle

11 november 2014
Saturday afternoon.
Abe was helping with Scotland and picked him up off the changing table. While arranging him in his arms, Abe’s hand must have slipped and Mr. Scotty fell about 3 feet to the floor. Way too sad! I’m afraid I hollered a bit too much at Hannah and Abe who were in the room. But mostly I felt bad that I wasn’t able to be everywhere at once. Poor Scotty. I asked Abe to tell me exactly how he fell and if he went head first or bottom first. He thought it was bottom first. So we watched Scotty for hours. We determined his little head would be okay. He didn’t display any concussion signs. But boy-howdy how I worried for a few days.

I watched him and was aware Saturday night. Sunday… a bit cranky so I gave him Tylenol to make it through church okay. We’re never sure if he’s cranky from gas/reflux or something else.

By Monday, I noticed he didn’t move his left arm as much as his right. I felt his collar bones to compare and his left clavicle gave with a slight buckle feeling. Not good.

After lots of tears and talking to my nurse sister Amy, I decided to take him in. I was seriously so embarrassed to be going to the doctor again. In the past few weeks, we’d been there 4 or 5 times to the same doc. Reflux, well-check, under-tongue growth, med-check, etc.

So, I cried. But was so grateful that I had listened to that prompting, because the doctor confirmed he had a fractured left clavicle. Boo. So sad. Dr. Foster sent us for a full skeletal x-ray at Primary Children’s Riverton. They were so quick and gentle with Scotty even though he cried through it all. Poor 9-week-old babe. No other bones were broken… so glad about that.

They said that we could pin his arm sleeve to his outfit to try and keep it in a fake sling position. Mostly that pulled his outfit to the side. So then I wrapped his arm with the byu sling, but I had to be watchful since it was closer to his neck, though it still seemed safe under watchful care. For the past few days we have just been swaddling his left arm to his stomach while letting his right arm go free. They said he should mostly be healed in 4 weeks. Sigh…

It’s been a big deal for little Scotty and for us. We’ve had to be really careful how we pick him up so his left side isn’t strained. His torticollis is intensifying because we can’t do his stretches or physical therapy. He pulls his head to the right so far lately. And when he turns it to the left, we hear a pop. The nurse said it was the tendons popping and not the bones crunching together. We are trying to figure out how it will heal if he isn’t holding still. Our bodies are amazing though and I hope and pray he won’t have any major repercussions. I don’t want him to spend his entire life with a crunched shoulder from improper healing. Sigh…

Do babies ever tire of kisses? I hope not, because I keep kissing Scotty and apologizing for the accident and his pain. So sad. This too shall pass, and we will all be more careful. Poor Abe bawled his eyes out about the incident. He felt so very bad for Scotty. Hannah and Abe have been very gentle with Scotland and I’ve taught them and watched them hold Scotland. They are both too nervous to hold him now, but hopefully as he gets older and stronger, they will be able to help with him again.

We love you baby Scotty! We’ll do our best to watch over you and try not to have any more accidents.

Knuckles Dude

Truman adores Scotland. He was more than delighted that he was the one who got to sit by Scotty in the van. Over the past few weeks, he has been very gentle with the new babe. He is also teaching him how to be cool!

Knuckles Dude!
IMG_4664 copy

Rock & Roll Baby (Truman says this in such a cute & expressive way.
IMG_4694 copy

When Scotty is in his swing and getting fussy, Truman calls him:

Scotland is 1 month old

IMG_5059 copy2
Mr Scotland is one month old! He weighs 8 lb 11 oz and is growing steadily. He seems to have a bit of colic as he is a cry-baby-cranky-pants from 7-10 p.m. Sigh… This too shall pass. The kids adore him. Truman says Scotty is the best and cutest baby he has!

The kids had been asking for cookies so instead of a cake for Scotty we enjoyed some homemade bakery style m&m cookies. I spy the mini green cookie tray that my mother used to use for cookies! Best vintage tray ever!
IMG_5075 copy

This wee babe is great at finding a thumb to suck on.
IMG_5091 copyHe sleeps for about 4 hours at night though during the day he prefers to drink 3 oz bottles every 3 hours. It’s all about eat, sleep, poop, cry, & gaze at angels at this point.

“I smell like spit-up … and I am happy”

IMG_4968 copy4
After a middle of the night feeding with Scotland,
I curled up in bed to get a few more hours of zzzzzzzz.
This thought came to mind,
“I smell like spit-up … and I am happy.”

I was grateful that during the pause in that thought
that I sincerely felt happy and blessed.
Despite feeling bone tired, achy from c-section recovery,
overwhelmed with housework, concerned about meeting the challenge of raising 6 kids,
God blesses me with moments of stillness … & JOY!

Auntie Amy Comes to Help

09 september 2014We hardly took any pictures while Amy was here for 4+ days. But we were so grateful for her help to keep our family going. My kids know how much Amy loves them. Thank you!!!

p.s. see max’s dangling tooth. this was picture day… dangly tooth and all. It came out a day or two later… pictures to follow.