Creative Energy

I gain energy from using my CREATIVE talents.
But then again … it takes energy to have motivation to use my creative talents.
Lately I’m completely lacking in the energy department
(partly physical energy… partly emotional energy … can we say WINTER IS BLAH!)
Once I get going and in my groove, the energy takes over and ignites my little soul.

… and … it helps if i have a deadline.
Occasionally I get free Shutterfly Books and usually the deadline comes and goes.
I sob my little eyes out that I can’t get a book ready… after all, it’s FREEEEEEE.
But deep inside I know it’s better to LIVE than to document the living.
And thus priorities take over. But when I can squeeze in the time, I do love to create family heritage memories.

So thanks to JoAnn’s Email list, I had a shutterfly book that expired today … and a free calendar.
I only had to pay $14 for shipping … and thus saved nearly $50 on the items!  Rad man!

This Book I started a few years ago and decided to finish it up.
It has simple stories of ancestors
… Price … Nelson … Vetterli … Torgerson … Hatch … Samuelson … Patten … Longmore … etc.
I added a few pages I’d made of my parents & me as a girl to fill in some pages.
I loved compiling this book. I tried to use stories from their childhood as much as possible
seeing as I’m hoping this is a book my kids might skim through.

We really have oodles of great resources.
My mother has gathered and shared so many stories and histories of her family.
Grandma Beck & Dora Price Fitch had gathered oodles of Samuelson & Price histories.
So many great things to learn from these ancestors. Their lives are so interesting to me.
I have another free book that expires in April.
My goal is to try and gather simple stories and photos to do a 4-generation book like this for Jimmy’s side.

The other project this week was our family wall calendar.
I wasn’t even going to do one this year but Abe was begging for one.
The kids love to look through the calendar and count the number of days until their birthday, etc.
I’ve been debating on whether to go fully digital with the family planning or do a little of paper/digital. Sigh…

I put together the 2015 Primary theme posters that I shared on Simply Fresh Designs.
They are sorta like a tie-dye explosion. But I didn’t have time to reassess all the colors at that point.
Oh well. Fun for kids, I guess.
The gospel truths taught in Primary in these weekly sharing time lessons are so true.
My soul sings “Amen” when I read all the lesson topics and scriptures shared. The Gospel is simple … and true.
Jimmy and I want to focus on becoming like Christ this year as a family
(may this help us have more peace in our home. can i have an amen!)
So I included that little logo reminder on each month’s calendar.
I also added pictures of our family at temples we have visited.

The temple just plain makes my heart happy. It is just the best place on earth for QUIET & peace of mind.
The world is out!… and Christ is in our hearts.
I want my children to love the temple so we try to create fun memories as we go to each one.
Plus, I’ve decided my very best parenting tip is ATTEND THE TEMPLE AS OFTEN AS YOU CAN!
I know that we can have the strength to overcome challenges and to understand
the power of the Atonement in our every day living, as we learn and understand principles,
ordinances, and covenants made in the temple of God. I am learning this in my own life.

Anyhoo… that’s it folks.

p.s. if anyone is wondering where all my energy went… please note that Truman came pitter-pattering energetically down the stairs at 11:23 p.m. Two nights last week he didn’t sleep a wink … like really! We finally got him to go to sleep at 7 a.m. He would sleep for an hour and be up for the day. It was wild… and distressing… and tiring … and worrisome. ADHD woes are evident here. He told me tonight that if we microwave a cup, the warm milk will help us get sleepy. So we did just that. Here’s hoping he goes to sleep before midnight!

Grandmother Rasmina

Grandma Beck passed away tonight about 10:00. She had a cough and cold this past week and it weakened her quickly. She was 97.

Last time I visited her (December 8) she told me she was ready to go through the veil.
We knew she was anxious since Grandpa Price had just passed away a month previous.
She loves him.

Grandmother Rasmina is a dear woman. I love her.
She loved her Norwegian heritage as her dad came from Norway to America as a young adult.
She was named after his mother.
Grandma Beck had so many talents with her hands… needlepoint, crochet, hardanger, etc.

She gave Eliza this little necklace Christmas light that she had been given at a Relief Society party.
It was a reminder of His LIGHT and to focus the Christmas Season on Christ.

IMG_20141208_104419 copy

This was her last email to us all on Christmas Day!
We were going to visit her that day, but she was not feeling up to visitors, having a tiring and constant cough.

My Dear Friends and Family,


At this precious and busy time of the year please always remember the greatest gift of all. “He gave his only Anointed Son” to the world and what a wonderful gift it has been to all of us. Our Savior did all that He was sent here to do. His mission was to suffer for all of our troubles and illnesses. He then died on the cross, atoning for all of our sins. He did all the Father asked him to do. Can we do anything less than follow Him and his plan of happiness?

We have troubles we can overcome because we have prayer. We can talk to Heavenly Father anytime and he hears us; in his own due time he will do what is best for us. I find such joy in knowing how kind Heavenly Father is. He did send his Son to atone for our sins. We will all be resurrected.

This is what the beautiful season is about. Remind yourselves how blessed we are.

Another gift he gave to us was Joseph Smith – a new prophet for our time. His birthday is December 23rd. I remember Jerry and Shari celebrating his birthday with their family each year by sharing thoughts and events about his life and then singing “Happy Birthday” and having a birthday cake. Good Memories!

Every evening I find such joy when I say my prayers to thank Heavenly Father for each one of you. I visualize each one of you in my mind and mention your names. (Those that I can remember – which is most of you) It gets a little fuzzy trying to think of all my great grandchildren.

To all my friends that I treasure so dearly… Thank you for being a part of my life. I can’t imagine life without you.

I am doing well, considering I have had a cold. Still coughing but Rahn and Sue are keeping an eye on me.

Have a wonderful Christmas. I love you all,

Rasmina, Mom, Mother, Grandma, Great-grandma, Loving friend

Grandpa Joseph Charles Price

My Grandpa Price died today. He was 99.
I didn’t know him very well.
I only remember meeting him 6 or 7 times though I’m sure I saw him more than that when I was little.
He lived in El Cajon (San Diego) with his wife Daisy.
He bowled up until a few years ago.
He ate healthy. He enjoyed working at the temple.

We visited him a few times in California for family vacations.
We had so much fun as kids!
We swam in their pool. Played tennis & pool @ their home.
Space invaders. Disneyland. Sea World.
heath project
He had a long, steep, curvy driveway.
Years ago they traveled in a motor home.
Grandpa was a quiet man.
One time when they visited us in Sugar City, he told us stories about when he was a little boy.
I wish I remembered the stories better.

I wish I knew Grandpa better so that I could understand his challenges & trials.
I haven’t always understood his choices.
I believe understanding him better would help me feel more love, patience, & forgiveness towards him.
I know that God makes things right somehow. Christ’s Atonement compensates for all hurt.
Our Savior’s love can fill us with LOVE as we turn to Him.

I’m grateful my Grandpa is out of pain. He recently suffered from dementia and ailing health in his old age.
I’m thankful for the knowledge I have of life after death … that our Spirit lives on … waiting until we are ready for resurrection.

Scotty meets Great-Grandma Beck

IMG_5994 copy
Last week we went to visit Great-Grandma Beck at her new home in Cedar Hills. We had poor timing as she was in church and we had to rush home for Jimmy to go home teaching. We said hello with a hug… and good-bye with a kiss. Short but sweet. Scotty got to meet Grandma and she wanted to hold him. Plus, all of Grandma’s friends at the Assisted Living Home loved seeing the kids.

Family History, I am doing it!

first family temple namesYesterday I decided to search for any temple work to be done on my family line. Much more productive than facebook or reading the news while feeding Scotland. Hannah came home from school and I taught her how to search. She has her own account so she was able to find names to do baptisms for on Friday with our ward.

I tried using the Descendency Feature to find long-lost cousins who needed temple work done. Success! It was so cool to find names and be able to request them. I love seeing that little green temple symbol… and I’m so hopeful as it loads… hopeful that there are no duplicates (because I’m not that awesome to know how to merge records)… and that they are older than 110 years old. And Hurray! when they are able to be requested.
Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 2.49.30 PM
So for the very first time, I will be able to do temple work for names I found! Super Cool! I love connecting with those who came before… my ancestors!

“Be Still” they say

result of thousands{Found on Pinterest… could not find original source for credit.}

On Pioneer Day we had a family home evening on our ancestors. Hannah & Abe each highlighted moments from an ancestor’s life. Hannah told us about Jane Ann Stewart Hatch from Scotland. Abe shared about the lives of John Smith and Sophia Fortune, also from Scotland. I spotlighted Rebecca Wood Moss from Canada. Jimmy told the kids about William Walker Rust born in Massachusetts.

I think of the lives of these and other ancestors and it humbles me. They had joys and struggles and hardships like us … only unique to their time period and life purpose. Knowing about their lives helps me want to BE STRONG. I know they are cheering us on from the other side of the veil, hoping we’ll make the best use of our time here in mortality … to receive eternal glory.

While I worked this morning (and boy howdy, how I worked on dishes, laundry, tidying the black hole called my closet to make room for Baby Boy), I thought of the books I want to read when I have down-time/recovery-time after my c-section. I am hoping to reread this series: These is My Words. Thinking about the lives of those who came before helps keep my troubles in perspective.
these words is mine

Smith Family Eye Color

07 july 201426I thought it would be good family history documentation to share pictures of our eye color. It was harder than I thought to get the right lighting to brighten up those eyes (especially those of us with squinty eyes). The photos are what they are … when I learn how to use my camera smarter, I’ll retake them. I’m kinda hoping our babe will have my light blue eyes, since we have no other blue eyed kiddos. I do like each person’s eye color… so interesting that they are slightly different, even the hazel ones.

Interesting note: Sensitive eye people in our family = Mother, Abraham, and Truman. Sunglasses make life outside much better. I found a cheap pair of polarized glasses for this summer and it makes such a huge difference on the sun’s glare! Love them!!!

Vintage Love from mother

IMG_3219 copyMy parents are preparing to downsize and have been going through things. These were a few gems I loved.
– Mom’s preschool bag she used when I was little. It has a zipper along the bottom (I’m guessing for the stabilizer board). It’s just cool… plus the vintage fabric is totally back in style now. Love this bag.
– Super Old Little Women. I remember the smell of this book when I read it as a little girl.
– Pollyanna. Such a classic read for girlies.
– Christmas books… love the vintage graphics.
– The Everything Book… has the lyrics to ‘There’s a hole in my bucket’ and lots of classic preschool finger plays. The graphics are so vintage… it’s a fun book to flip through.

The First Four Gospels! completed

IMG_5498 new testamentWe finished reading the first four gospels of the New Testament tonight as a family. We started in July after finishing the Book of Mormon. We increased the amount of reading during the month of December to finish by the end of the year. We are going to start the Book of Mormon again in January. I’m really glad we read Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John. It was good to reread the Stories of Jesus and talk about them as a family. I love this talk & testimony by Elder Neil L. Andersen.  I picked out my favorite parts to share:


2013 Christmas Greetings

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 9.02.05 AM

Here is the Smith Fam on video – mostly unedited! Liza loves watching videos from year’s past so we wanted to put together a family film to share this season.