Let the Christmas Season begin!

Moments… with the family decorating the tree. Eliza was most delighted to know we had a chimney for Santa to shimmy down this Christmas. Hannah was thrilled to have a mantle to hang stockings on. Scotty toddled around chasing a balloon and playing with the boys. It was mostly a happy time. [mostly… because, ya know… we have 6 kids and we are normal-ish and thus even the sweetest events have hard moments… just imagine loud with energetic kids, silly boys, and noise-weary-parents … with Christmas music in the background and you’ll have a snapshot.]

But look at how things turned out! So Cheerful and Christmasy. Our tree is slightly bare because I did toss some decorations in our move. But it is simple and personal.

I love the LIGHT of Christmas.
The peace from Jesus Christ.
The JOY and cheer that abound.
The calm, quiet moments with family.

love it.

Halloween 2015

Kind of a different Halloween this year… but it was good. We missed Trunk-or-treat for a few reasons. Friday early morning Liza barfed and I didn’t want her to get anyone sick… though it turns out by 10 a.m. she was eating and drinkly fluids just fine. But I also didn’t want to do trunk-or-treat in Rockwall after waiting for it to start for a few hours… alone with 6 kids… and having to bring everyone’s Halloween costume. And it didn’t make sense for Jimmy to drive out there. Anyhoo… no ward trunk or treat which was sad for the kids… it would have been fun to get to know other kids. Oh, plus it was all rainy. I’m rambling.

Anyhoo… so we promised the kids a fun family halloween party for today. Jimmy took Tru, Liza, and Abe to Inside Out at the cheap theater here. Tru and Jimmy hadn’t seen it. I rejoiced at quiet time with Scotty sleeping. Hannah and Max had down time… a rarity around here.

Dinner of crunchy tacos which most of the kids rejected. Oh well. Such is our life.

Trick-or-treating/meet some neighbors. We went as a family and met some really nice neighbors in our apartment complex. Not many families out and about so we walked across the street to the fancy neighborhood, hoping to see more kiddos. Not many kids out around here I guess… which made us miss our neighborhood in Utah… getting to see so many friends and ward members.

I try so hard to help the kids focus on the activity spending time as a family and meeting new neighbors instead of getting more candy. Halloween is definitely a ridiculous holiday to me and I despise trick-or-treating. But, i’ll tell ya. The kids had a lovely time (save some screaming from liza) and actually got along. No shoving or fighting about who knocked on the doors. The kids were polite and complimented people on their autumn decorations, said “happy halloween” and ‘thank you’. I was impressed that we actually had a nice time together.

We came home, ate donuts and had cider and candy corns. We played duck-duck-goose & ghost-ghost-pumpkin. Dealt with a few meltdowns, read scriptures, and got kids in bed by 9.

Hannah was Captain America.

Abe didn’t know what to be but today we found a cool pixelated star wars shirt that he liked on sale so he decided to be a Star Wars Nerd.

Max was batman.
Tru was superman.

Eliza wanted to be a million other things, but I was able to convince her to be a cowgirl. I just wanted her to wear the costume I had as a little girlie. This week she told me she couldn’t be a cowgirl without boots and a hat and a rope to say “nee-haw” (yes… nee-haw. She insisted it wasn’t hee-haw or yee-haw). We found some boots at target that she hasn’t taken off since. Well… I guess she slept without them. Couldn’t find a cheap hat so we braids with ribbons. And we found a bandana instead of a rope.

Scotty was a cowboy and wore the little leather vest from my childhood. Having his bandana bib from Aunt Amy helped his costume come together. Mostly he enjoyed sitting in the stroller and occasionally someone would give him a lolly and his eyes would light up in delight.

I dressed up like a mom. Yep… that was easy.
Jimmy dressed up like a dad. Easy-peasy.

See ya Halloween.

p.s. this was the warmest halloween we’ve had in years. we did have rain today but it cleared this evening. eliza put a little sweater on to walk around but it wasn’t too chilly for any of us. thank you Texas for the nice Halloween temperatures!
2015 10 October3
Don’t forget the pumpkin! Tru insisted we get a pumpkin to carve and that we have candy corns. Jimmy was willing to carve and did a splendid job. The ants are now enjoying the pumpkin outside as the kids sleep. Love you pumpkin!

Turn your Heart to God

I LOVED this reminder shared on facebook. Remember how gentle President Hunter was when he spoke. I love this! Why do we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world @ Christmas? Turning our hearts to God will help our families more than anything else would.

turn your heart to god

Marsala – Color of the Year 2015

I love COLOR! especially in the drab of winter (no snow yet… dingy gray everywhere). Pantone announced the color of the year for 2015 is Marsala. I love it! Much better than last year’s orchid thing they had going on. Looking forward to seeing more of this deep, rich, and cheerful red hue.

christmas spirit

2014 Christmas Devotional

the christmas story

This would be my family during the first part of the Christmas Devotional. Bouncing . off . the . walls! Literally. Luckily, we thought Legos might occupy the restless troops and things soon calmed down so we could actually hear the Christmas messages. Phew!

continue in the light

Independence Day 2014

water slide
a pretty mild day.
water slide in the backyard!
Tasty bbq lunch!
Festive 4th of July Music serenade by Hannah on the piano.
America Puzzles during quiet time.
Honey I shrunk the Kids movie.
Bubbles! Liza’s delight!
Mud Pie with Mint Chocolate Chip icecream. All the kids loved it!
Fireworks @ Harvest Hills over looking Thanksgiving Point.
Liza was excited until she realized the sound of Fireworks in the neighborhood was distressing.
Tru loved climbing on the car more than the fireworks. Well, perhaps!
Tired Kiddos!
Max declared, “I really love this day!”
16x20 united states no copyright

Easter Sunday

bruce r mcconkie testimony

IMG_1098 copy
Enjoyed a nice evening with Grandma & Grandpa Price.
Songs by the kids, program about Christ’s last week,
pleasant weather, popsicles & Ginger/Lemon Mud Pie.

IMG_1078 copy
Sorry boys, but this was my favorite… this is our life with boys.
Abe was trying to put his arm around Tru and thus it all ended in laughter with Abe fake sulking.

IMG_1072 copy

The Easter Bunny at our house has had a hard time the past few years balancing the fun & the spiritual.
This year we had a few family home evenings
and a special program at Grandma & Grandpa Price’s home
to learn about the real meaning of the Atonement.
The Easter Bunny brought a few very simple gifts …
& a coloring/activity booklet focused on Christ.
On Saturday we had an Easter Egg hunt for the 3 littles.

Overall, I felt better this year about the message conveyed to the kids.
I am so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and his Atonement for me… for each of us.
The peace, comfort, HOPE, and joy He brings to my life is wonderful … wonderful to me.

New Year’s Eve 2013


We enjoyed a fun New Year’s Eve. The kids wanted to continue the tradition of Fried Rice & Fortune Cookies. This year we added sherbet/fresca smoothie which was loved by all! We found some plastic goblets at Walmart which made it extra fun. We played Headbanz, watched Happy New Year Charlie Brown, went outside and counted down and snapped the poppers!, read the scriptures, and put the littles in bed by 8. Hannah, Abe, Dad, Mom (oh and Eliza who didn’t go to bed with the littles) played Life and ate popcorn. Hannah & Abe really wanted to stay up until midnight. Mom & Dad were ready to zonk by 10:30. I showed Hannah & Abe the Astronomy Star App and then we goofed off asking Siri funny questions. The kids ended up watching movies until midnight and then went to bed. Mom & dad tried to get to bed earlier, but ended up talking until almost midnight. See ya later 2013. Onward to 2014.

Thanksgiving 2013

Holiday of Gratitude!
We stepped it up this year since we were preparing the meal for Jimmy’s siblings.
Tastiest Honey Baked Smoked Ham! Best ever and worth every $.
Green Bean Casserole. Mashed tators.
Sweet Potato & Pecan Casserole.
Pretzel Jell-o Salad.
Orange Rolls thanks to Miss hannah’s help.
Slush – which was actually frozen by the day after! Whoops.
11 november 20134
We enjoyed a delicious dinner and chat with the Smith kids, Paul & Jill, John & Michael.
Dad watched a bit of football, of course.
We had bazillion-oodles of dishes which actually went quite quickly thanks to a few dishwasher loads.
11 november 20136
I’m actually posting this waaaaaay after the fact, and thus my memory fails on all the little simple details. But my memory is that we enjoyed tasty food, a lovely table setting, and the kids had fun with the uncles/aunt.

So grateful for our blessings!!!

This is Halloween … 2013

10-october-201320-copyMax: Ninja
Abe: Mad-Eye Moody from Harry Potter
Hannah: Disco Granny
Eliza: Oh so sweet Minnie Mouse (She thought the pose had to be Karate related since the boys were karate-chopping)
Truman: Golden Ninja from Ninjago10-october-201321I encouraged Hannah & Abe to have a friend over for a Halloween Party instead of going Trick-or-Treating (dumbest tradition ever, I say!). Well, Dad invited them to go with the littles so they ended up doing both. Turned out fun for the kids. Eliza was the sweetest as she’d give the candy away at the next door. Twick-o-tweet.

Hannah & Tea played Wii Dance & Harry Potter Clue Game. Abe & Jacob talked Legos and Origami Yoda stuff. They could not be serious, those two! We ended the hang-out with a Caramel Apple Bar… homemade caramel (yum!), melted chocolate, mini reeses pieces, pretzels, marshmallows, and Honey Crisp Apples from Washington. Fun!

Phew… Halloween is OVER! Onto more important holidays!IMG_4187 copy(p.s. notice how Hannah changed her outfit. She kept wondering if being a disco granny would offend grandparents so in the evening she dressed up as the Wicked Old Hag who gave Snow White the poisoned apple)