I’ve been studying about the Miracle of the Passover in Moses time and the Miracle of the Seagulls in Pioneer times. I guess my thoughts have turned there during this Easter and Passover time of year as well as this Corona pandemic. I’ve thought of the fasting and prayers for relief from suffering, sickness, and plagues, as well as news of Locusts overrunning parts of Africa right now (which of course reminded me of the locusts of Moses time as well as the miracle of the sea gulls in pioneer times).

There have been significant miracles throughout time. The greatest being the sacrifice of our Savior. This lesson having been taught through the sacrifice and miracle of the Passover.

The early saints witnessed a miracle of the Seagulls eating the locusts yet it wasn’t mentioned as a big thing in very many journal entries at the time. Just makes me wonder what miracles are right before us that were not seeing clearly because we’re so deep in it.

What miracles are we witnessing right now?  A people being humbled, that we finally are forced to slow down and reconsider priorities, that we will gain a stronger character by dealing with this challenge, that we believe in a living prophet to guide the world? We will experience loss, we will have times of anxiety or depression, but we also can know that God is good and gave us the ultimate miracle of His Son who saved us all.

We have desired miracles in our life for healing, strength of resolve in parenting, patience and increase of love needed.  So it’s on my mind a lot. What is an appropriate miracle to desire? I truly believe that miracles are all around us, as Sister Hinckley shared. I also believe in huge miracles that have occurred throughout time, some of us knowing and understanding, some never to be understood by mortal man.

Most of all I know Good sends miracles of all types and sizes to us as we are faithful and continue in obedience. I just want to have the spiritual eyes to SEE and recognize and live in Thanksgiving for these miracles.