Thanks be…

for temples.
for the promises and blessings received there.
I LOVE remembering the words from the initiatory.
I went today and it made my day so much happier.
Discouragement slips away when you think of HOPE: real HOPE in Christ.
We are so blessed to be strengthened with might to do right.

LDS Church Temples photo by Rob Versluis

Fabulous Thankful Pottery-Barn-ish Sign by Kerry’s Kronicles

Great thoughts.

Jimmy is changing the clocks… I guess we’ll Fall Back like the rest of society.
I think we ought to just leave time alone and let the sun rise later and set earlier… depending on the season?
It would certainly be easier on the tots (and their parents).

Love yellow!
The end.

The Gratitude Project

Yay – It’s November… the month of gratitude. Why is it that sometimes I only remember to be *SUPER* grateful during this month. It would do my heart good to go the extra mile on being thankful year round. I’ve been contemplating what to do for our family Gratitude Project this month. I’m not quite sure what to do.  We all need to recognize how blessed we are – maybe we’ll whine a bit less.

So – today I was trying really hard to be grateful to be at home with 3 littles. We went on an adventure to collect leaves. That was fun for 10 minutes until the boys came inside and started fighting. We’ve been working on projects this week for preschool learning fun. That was fun for about 2 seconds today. Tru and Liza were not having fun.

Reality is that it takes mucho effort some days to remember how blessed I am. In the midst of all the daily activities, I noticed this Thankful quote on the computer that was still up in Photoshop… it really was a good reminder to CHOOSE TO BE GRATEFUL. I’m not planning on sharing all my Grateful Lists every day, but today I need it for me & the record.

Abe – who came home and asked how my day was and started rubbing my back. Nice. Thoughtful.
Liza who sat and ate popcorn on the couch while I got to talk with my sis.
Autumn Leaves – love the red, orange, & yellow
Trying to be grateful for water. Lemon essential oil helps me want to drink more.
Warmer Autumn Temps. Love that we could go on a walk in November.
Clean sheets.
Truman saying thanks for his clean blankie.
No potty-training accidents today. Crossing fingers.
Two little boys who held mostly still for haircuts.
Clean bathroom sinks.
Thoughts of orange rolls for Turkey Day.
Dreams of living on more land… with maybe a larger storage room.
Hope. in Eternal Life.
Ft. Lauderdale Florida Temple. So cool that it is so close to where we lived.
Vinegar – even though it stinks to high heaven… it cleans the fridge water tray.
Conversations with Jimmy when all the tots are in bed.
The Holy Ghost.

Many good things in my life.
Moving forward with my day –
in hopes that I have patience with all my little blessings running all about.