Raising Independent Children

My sister-in-law Lisa shared this idea with me and I’m excited to move forward with teaching my children new valuable skills. Obviously it will be more effective for some than others … but press onward we shall. Click on image for pdf download… original by Merrilee Boyack.

And as in all things, I’m reminded of my constant prayer from Hymn 170, “God, Our Father, Hear Us Pray”…
bless our efforts

Mom is like a magnet

Jimmy shared this scripture with me this past week.
Though I don’t have multitudes thronging me,
I do have littles pressing on me and needing constantly.

mark 3

This morning during family prayer, my eyes filled with tears.
Liza was crying because she got hurt.
Truman was laying on me.
Scotty was waiting in bed for me to get him.
Jimmy was heading off to Stake Meetings at 9 a.m.
which meant I knew I would be solo with 6 kids during church.
My body was weary from Tru pressing on me and wanting me to hold him.
I was fasting and thus my body had no energy.

What did the Savior do when everyone wanted him.
He retreated to the sea … or the mountains.

Not that I can have time alone whenever I want …
but I can rejuvenate and find Strength in Christ during quiet moments.

I think I can… I think I can…

this is the day : REJOICE

Gotta be quick here. It’s past bedtime. But… just had to note this.
I was telling my friend Julie that I’m having a bit of a hard time …
feeling discouraged about health stuff, sinking from the thoughts of all I ought, need, & want to do…
parenting … where does our family belong? … stuff…
not any one thing … but every little thing added together.

She shared this scripture with me that she has been focusing on lately with her family:
this is the day psalms 118 24
Yes! This IS the day…
The day that God hath given us.
We have this day! It is good.
Rejoice… and be glad for all that is good in our day!
For there is always something good.

This goes along with LIGHT … and seeking out the light.
Seek God in each day.
See each day as an opportunity to be glad IN IT.

This scripture is good.
God placed us on earth to have joy (among other things) (2 Nephi 2:25)

Today, I took a moment to delight in Eliza.
She woke and the first thing she said in her morning voice was, “I totally … totally found my bwacelet.”
She is only 3 for a little while.
Sometimes I wish my days to rush by.
But I know I shall miss the innocent funnies from little kids.

DELIGHT in this day which God has given us …
– to build relationships
– to create goodness in our home
– to love sincerely
– to testify boldly
– to teach sweetly
– to hug tweenagers (haha)

Anyhoo… thanks for the scripture reference Pettit!

p.s. See where I got the color inspiration … Blendtec in Sea Foam … drooling over that $500 appliance.
Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 10.50.56 PM

Love – the Essence of the Gospel

I taught the TFOT lesson today on President Monson’s April 2014 Message: Love, the Essence of the Gospel.

My favorite part was comments by sisters in our ward. Bearing testimony of tender mercies. Teaching that LOVE is a spiritual gift. Learn to love ourselves in a healthy way. Charity, the pure LOVE of God, never fails. We can be filled with the LOVE of God as we pray and ask Him for this gift.

Oh, how I need this gift, especially in this phase of life as mother to little ones.

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.34.10 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.34.20 PM

mom … by garth brooks

My mom sent me this video this morning…
in honor of little Scotty and me.

Oh – it’s so true.
I think it’s hard for little ones
to come to such a new place.
but I know God does not leave these littles ones comfortless.
He gives us angels round about…
he gives us mothers who remind them of the Love of God
by loving and helping them feel secure and safe.
And… our entire goal is God’s goal:
“To Bring to Pass the Immortality and Eternal life of man”
to teach them how to return to God … and have eternal JOY.
Love that.

some of the parts i like:

So, hush now little baby, don’t you cry
Cause there’s someone down there waiting whose only goal in life
Is making sure you’re always gonna be alright
A loving angel tender tough and strong
Come on child it’s time to meet your mom

You’ll never have a better friend
Or a warmer touch to tuck you in
She’ll kiss your bruises your bumps and scrapes
And anytime you hurt
Her heart’s gonna break

And when she’s talking to you make sure you listen close
She’s gonna teach you everything you’ll ever need to know
Like how to mind your manners, to love and laugh and dream
She’ll put you on the path that bring you back to me

I . AM . A . MOTHER .

I was feeding Scotty and Truman came to snuggle on my lap. Tru fell asleep in about 1 minute. What to do?! Kinda hard to move both boys with only 2 arms.Photo on 10-28-14 at 1.43 PM

Then Liza got out of her nap to go potty and joined the party. 3 kids in school. & 3 young kids at home each day.
Photo on 10-28-14 at 1.47 PM #4
I got Tru onto the couch to nap. Put Scotty on Liza’s bed while I put her naptime undies on and tucked her in. Got Scotty burped and settled in his afternoon nap. And now I have 30 minutes to rest before the 3 school kids get home.

I . AM . A . MOTHER .

Continue your journey and let your hearts rejoice.

This week was a wee bit rough. After all, Scotty is 6 weeks old, and therefore, I felt like I should get back to “normal”.
So I tried to live a more “normal-ish” life attempting to get more accomplished and out the door quickly with kids in tow.
Not to be!
I must remember that with every change there comes a “new normal”.
The new normal usually means DOING less … and LOVING more… like snuggling a babe.
And boy does that babe like to be held. He is NOT a good sleeper. We’re working on that.

Thursday was the hardest day of the week. I had a rough night worrying for Scotty and his gasping episode. I had a physical therapist appointment for Scotty (for Torticollis). It was the first day of fall break so all the tots were home. I decided to set an appointment with Dr. Foster as a “better safe than sorry” about the gasping-for-breath thing. I feel like it might be more neurological than spitting up issues, etc. Turns out the doc thinks it’s reflux (which is also what might have started his Torticollis from turning head to the right for reflux relief). Anyhoo…

I was trying to plug 2 or 3 other things into my day like “zip” to the store for ingredients for s’mores bars… and a trip to provo with 6 kiddos. Too much Heath! Slow down.

Priorities… I had to sacrifice the non necessities: “LET IT GO”

By the end of the day, I felt like I was sinking emotionally & mentally.
This tends to happen when I don’t get enough sleep … and ya know… Stress.

Early to bed… it’s always a good thing.

Friday morning came.
Things are always better in the morning. (uhhh, most of the time).
2 tots snuggled in bed with me.

Liza said, “Mine Feets Cold.”
She snuggled her cold feet into me.
We giggled about her Stinky-Pinky-Blankie.

Tru said, “I wuv you so much!” … “Get me breaFkast!”
In my silence (which was my brain trying to figure out how he was pronouncing breaFkast)
he changed his tone to:
“Mom, will you please get me breaFkast?”

Having just read a sweet blog about appreciating every breath of life. Kara shared that she used to dread the kids waking her up because she longed to go back to sleep. Now that she knows her time in this life is short, she cherishes every bit of time to show those kids her love, even the snuggle in bed moments. This reminded me to enjoy the “mine feets cold” and the “Mom, will you please get me breaFkast?” I’m grateful for love and life.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I spent Friday night trying not to feel mad. So silly… but tired mama with feeding/burping babe… changing 3-year-old’s pee-pee sheets in the middle of the night and wondering why the plastic sheet didn’t save the mattress… intense/weirdo dream… busy husband working on church calling presentation/stuff. I just needed to chill. I knew we had a day of putting the home back together… encouraging littles to work on their jobs from the entire week.

My thoughts
“This is a challenge to raise 6 children!”
immediately followed by a sincere,
“This is a BLESSING to raise 6 children!”

My eye caught the title of a book given to me by my sweet mother: “Continue your Journey and Let your Hearts Rejoice”
blogger-image--1174822791 copy

So we went on our way …
working together
(some in tears and fighting)
some in cheer and helpfulness.

I let my heart rejoice at the pleasant moments of the day
(especially my long-awaited shower & nap)
(smiles from Scotty)
(helper Liza following me around)
(quiet time for Truman)
(Abe’s good cheer and laughter)
(Max’s hugs)
(Hannah’s willingness)
(Jimmy’s kindness)

I’m grateful for each day.
I do hope that we move from sinking … to survival … to thriving…
One moment at a time.

p.s. yes, I realize this is a scattered post.
My poor brain is really tired and doesn’t compute very well these days.

This is what God gave me time for

motherhood is a calling
The past few days
when I feel anxious about trying to get stuff done around the house,
or take a shower, or do just one simple errand …
and am unable to get to those tasks because
I am calming a fussy newborn for hours,
while assisting Liza on the potty every 20 minutes,
or attempting to play a game with Truman
in hopes that he’ll stay off the computer for a few moments,
this powerful quote reminds me of my priorities as a mother.

This is what God gave me time for! Motherhood!

My ‘job’ every day is to love, nurture, and teach
these spirits whom God entrusted to Jimmy and me.

But sometimes I let the household tasks of
cleaning, balancing bank account,
shopping online kids clothing deals,
eternal laundry chore, or cooking monopolize my day.

Or often I try to escape the chaos
for more alone quiet time…
for Heather-hobby-time.

And then there is visiting teaching & volunteering at the school
which get shoved to the bottom of the list unfortunately.
How does one accomplish these tasks which 3 kids under 4 in tow?
… still haven’t figured that one out.

Though household jobs & personal rejuvenation
are essential to life as a mother,
I am reminded that this season of encouraging little ones
really is a brief time period…
there is no time for selfishness.

I have the opportunity to share God’s LOVE with 6 little ones…
to teach them of Jesus Christ & eternal principles…
to read uplifting books with them on my lap…
to sing… and listen… & instill values in God’s choice spirits.

This is what God gave me time for! Motherhood!

“I smell like spit-up … and I am happy”

IMG_4968 copy4
After a middle of the night feeding with Scotland,
I curled up in bed to get a few more hours of zzzzzzzz.
This thought came to mind,
“I smell like spit-up … and I am happy.”

I was grateful that during the pause in that thought
that I sincerely felt happy and blessed.
Despite feeling bone tired, achy from c-section recovery,
overwhelmed with housework, concerned about meeting the challenge of raising 6 kids,
God blesses me with moments of stillness … & JOY!

A Mother’s Work … {is never done}

Jimmy took all the kids to Seven Peaks so I could stay home and ‘rest.’ Very nice. Hannah asked if I wanted her to stay home and help. I reassured her that I enjoyed having some quiet alone time. So, we’ve got a few options of how to spend time this morning:Desktop5Not that I live by a beach… but you get the picture. And not that I smile like that mother as I tidy home (oh, and I don’t really ever iron!). But this mother knows today that it will be more FULFILLING to tidy home, do laundry, catch up on those darn piles, and perhaps nest a little with babe coming soon… than to sit and read a book. A time and place for everything. And rest will come later (hopefully!). I’ve already had a bit of a respite doing this blog post and drinking ice water (my non-stress tests tell me I’m slightly dehydrated!). So – here’s to building a home for my fam.