13th Anniversary of Engagement

IMG_4054 copyInstead of making it on a date to our engagement spot, we took the kids there to tell them about when dad proposed to mom. I’m so glad we did this! I read the kids part of my journal about the proposal. We showed them pictures that we took. We talked about eternal covenants.

Most of all, Truman was too excited to play in the leaves at the park across the street from the Mt. Timp temple.IMG_4027 copyWe buried the boys in leaves and out them came… one as a mummy… one as a zombie… one as an Abraham!10 october 201315 copy-001I sure love Jimmy. I was thinking about how different our life is now with 5 kids compared to 2000 when we were single and dating. Many more challenges, but a life filled with blessings.10 october 201317 copyThanks babe for being a good husband and father to our family!20131025_182447

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