battle creek falls

Perhaps not my best idea to do any type of hike at 6-weeks post-partum after a c-section, but I was in need of some nature. Hannah thought it was freezing. I thought the weather was perfect. Abe enjoyed himself except for having to carry the baby bag. We didn’t come very prepared and forgot the hiking backpack for Truman. I doubt he would have stayed in it anyways. All he wanted to do was gather rocks (and scream when we didn’t let him gather rocks). Max pretty much had an awesome hat goin’ for him. He quite enjoyed himself. Lizzy – slept through her first hike. Oh baby!

Getting down to the falls… a bit steep for little ones and post-partum mama. But the waterfall was rather cool. The rest of the hike was quite easy and I might add… lovely. I love walking along a creek… the sound of water is just great. We saw so many caterpillars. The kids kept spying them among the rocks. They must have been migrating or something because there were oodles. A few of them might not have made it due to wee little Truman thinking he needed to step on the bugs. aaak!


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