Bryce Canyon Adventure

In Smith Family style we drove 4 hours down.
Stayed 4 hours at Bryce Canyon.
And drove 4 hours home.

Nice, quick, and to the point.
And in the end, worth all the driving in Beastie for the view!
Heavenly Father has blessed us with such wonderful creations to enjoy!

bryce canyon 2015 04 april1-001

Tru had great anxiety about getting close to the fence. He delighted in petting dogs and collecting sticks.
Abe didn’t have near-enough anxiety about sitting on the railing with an immediate drop behind him. Aaaaak!
He also said he’d rather have gone to school. Whaaaat!?
Eliza said that “Heavenly Father gave her courage” to hike and climb and sit on the fences far away from the edge.
She also did every hike with Grandma Beck’s sparkly jeweled ring on her finger.
Scotty endured a long day and did quite well.
Max had fun. Hannah enjoys nature too.
Mom loved, loved the views at Bryce Canyon.
Dad had been wanting to do this trip for years. We were glad the weather was excellent!
bryce canyon 2015 04 april-001


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