Cecret Lake – Little Cottonwood Canyon

Cecret Lake
Little Cottonwood Canyon
1.5 Miles Roundtrip
360 Ft Elevation Change

IMG_2929 copyFor some reason at about 30 weeks, I feel like hiking. At least with this pregnancy and with Truman & Liza’s. We followed a friend’s recommendation and headed to Cecret {Secret} Lake in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Seeking out cooler temperatures was well worth it. 66 degrees when we got there. 79 when we left.

There was a crowd so we had to wait and take a shuttle up to the trailhead. That was an adventure in and of itself for the kids… riding in a 15 passenger van on a gravel road. Bumpity-bump-bump.
07-12-2014-secret-lake4I think the kids enjoyed themselves… especially Max and Truman. Freedom and rocks and dirt and sticks and streams = heaven to boys. When the going got tough… Hannah imagined the Iron Rod in front of her … hand over hand … helping her up the mountain.
07-12-2014-secret-lake1One of our kids enjoys the road less traveled. It seems he was always on a side path exploring. He seeks out the shady spots to take a little rest. He borrows sticks from the beaver dam. His joy seems full when out of doors. Perhaps he’ll grow up to be a forest ranger.
07-12-2014-secret-lake3Supposedly the trail is .75 miles each way. It was a little more strenuous for this 32-week gestating mother, than i anticipated. Tru flew up the mountain and practically slid, jumped, pulled me down the mountain. I’m amazed he didn’t biff it more. Liza liked the hiking backpack for the majority of the time, but enjoyed jumping off a few tiny rocks when she got to walk. We crossed 4 or 5 streams. Love the sound of rushing water in the mountains.
07-12-2014-secret-lake2One of the hiking theme songs was, “Everything is awesome, when you work as a team!” When holding hands, I’d save Max and Truman for slipping. Max and Hannah and Jimmy steadied my hand and assisted on steeper rock steps. Plus Dad carried Liza in the backpack and Tru on his shoulders every so often. We definitely need each other!

Abe: “It was harder than hiking the Y. Seemed like a random hike to me.”

Hannah: “Well, I really liked it even though it took a long time to wait for the shuttle. And then it took a while to get up to the top where the lake was. But it was worth it and it was really fun.”

Max: “Thanks so much for bringing us here!” “My favorite part was helping people and climbing up rocks. I liked throwing rocks in the lake.”

Truman: “Seeing the squirrel. And seeing the river. Finding rocks and sticks.”

Eliza: “Pink flowers. Throw rocks in ponds.”

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  1. Heather H
    Heather H says:

    You are amazing! We did that hike last summer and it is doozy! Pretty but man it is a hard one for little (and not so little) legs. Have you tried Silver Lake near Brighton Ski resort, its my favorite! Or Cascade Springs east-ish of Sundance?

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