Day 5: The Lego Store

Monday, July 8, 2013
Because our hotel situation had changed (we were originally staying right by Jimmy’s conference in downtown so he could walk to and from his 3-day Moz Conference … and we could be close to the hotel on our downtown outings. Well… largest room occupancy was 4 people.  We knew they would kick us right out. Not gunna work… so we finally found a hotel with openings for 6 (plus an infant) about 30 minutes away in Lynnwood) we ended up driving Jimmy each day to his conference & pick him up … during rush hour traffic. Bless you Express Lane. Bless you Google Maps (when you actually led me the right way).

Anyhoo… that was an adventure.

After we got back to the hotel, we headed to the Lego Store. This was the ultimate highlight of the trip for Abe. He was glowing.07-july-2013-seattle-trip21-copyAbe wandered around carefully looking at all the items in his price range. He has been saving his money to be able to buy some lego kits. He ended up buying 2 Chima Speedorz that were 20% off. There were only a few things on sale and he knew his money would go further if he bought sale items. Good work Abe.
07-july-2013-seattle-trip20Hannah loved putting together the minifigures. She mixed and matched and helped put together our entire family in Lego People. She and I built a temple (nice angel Moroni, eh?) She built a home, a picnic scene, a hotdog stand. She helped Max built his Superman kit.

07-july-2013-seattle-trip22-copyTruman and I built Ewar. It required much patience on my part, but he helped put the pieces together and was so proud of his accomplishment. I went to take a nap for a little while during quiet time and he ended up peeing on the couch at the hotel. Arg. It was so embarrassing to tell the front desk so they could clean the couch. He learned a good lesson hopefully. Tru actually did much better on our trip than I anticipated. He only had a few major tantrums. He was intense. But he slept well and let Hannah be his buddy.

Anyhoo… the Lego Store – super place to visit!

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