Day 6: Discovery Park

Outdoor activities seem to be the most successful type for our family. We headed to Discovery Park to take a look at the beach, the bay, and the lighthouse. Throwing rocks into water is always a huge hit with our kids. We could see Mt. Rainier in the distance. Max was really great at spotting ‘the volcano’ throughout our week in Seattle.07 july 2013 seattle trip31The lighthouse was a little rundown and was locked so we couldn’t go inside. But it was fun to see. This beach had mostly sad with lots of driftwood and some rocks. Max wasn’t feeling well (tummy ache) so he was carrying around a Sprite to settle his guts. Tru loves sticks… and rocks. But on this trip he was all about finding the perfect stick. This stick ended up as a Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo Want (can you tell what movie Liza has been watching lately?!) Tru loves to be outside exploring.07 july 2013 seattle trip32I’m really glad we went to Discovery Park this evening. It ended the day on the up side!

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