Day 6: Pacific Science Center

Tuesday, July 9, 2013.
This was the hardest day for us. Dynamics were off with the kids and I. Google Maps led me astray and I was a frustrated driver in downtown Seattle. Finding a bathroom open before 10 a.m. was a challenge. Sigh…

I was about to call it quits before 10 a.m. and take us all back to the hotel to twiddle our thumbs for the day. I didn’t want to regret that decision… so we pressed forward.

We went to the Pacific Science Center. All in all … perhaps the kids will have fond memories. They just all had a hard time taking turns. Rather Tru thought he should be able to shove and be first in lane but everyone felt like everyone else was taking over their turn at each exhibit. Sigh…07 july 2013 seattle trip24

07 july 2013 seattle trip25
The Tropical Butterfly House was definitely a favorite for us all (well, except maybe Max… he was a little afraid – some of those butterflies were HUGE!). I loved the bright blue ones. There were plenty of red and pink ones. Really quiet and sweaty and hot (quite tropical!). But this was a neat adventure.
07 july 2013 seattle trip26

We liked the science playground. The mirrors made everyone smile. Tru loved his activity. Abe laughed at his image in the mirror. Hannah tried with all her might and weight to pull the weight down.
07 july 2013 seattle trip27

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