Day 6: We sleep!

07 july 2013 seattle trip33It was funny to all be sleeping in the same space. This hotel in Lynnwood, WA had 2 double beds and a sofa bed. Hannah and Truman were bunk-mates. Hannah told Tru stories before bed… like Jack and the Beanstalk. It was sweet to watch them sleep. Abe & Max had the sofa bed. They were invading each other’s space a bit, but they survived. Max mostly sleeps curled up under the covers. I think he told me he started doing that at home because he was scared of monsters in the closet (hmmm… Monster’s INC.!). I slept pretty well when I took a 10 MG time-release Melatonin & a benadryl. Hotel sleeping is not my strength. But seriously – overall, the sleeping arrangements worked out much better than we anticipated. Liza got used to her pack-n-play by night 2 and then was just fine going straight to bed at the same time as the kids. Blessings!

Oh – and the random photo in there is Liza after our dinner at Wendy’s. She was so funny putting her frosty on her toe. She didn’t drink much. Maybe her toe hurt!? But we needed to throw in a picture with a frosty because that was our favorite treat to get when it was hot on our drives to and from Seattle. We would get vanilla for Abe and Liza. And chocolate for the rest of us. Love Frosties!

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