Ensign Peak

Yesterday we headed up in the lovely weather to hike Ensign Peak. Mostly we’ve heard of it through General Conference messages. It was 1/2 mile up hill for sure. This mama (who hasn’t exercised all winter) was a huffin’ and a puffin’. The kids had enough energy though. It really was a neat view at the top. And the flowers along the way were so cheerful. The church had a lot of neat information on signs (though I was so sad that gangsters had spray painted on most of them.)

Now, the reality of this hike… We had some complainers. Lots of squabbles over nothing. The kids lost ice cream privileges over it. Unfortunate. Sigh… Max was chipper and funny the whole time… though scared going down the steep parts. I love his hat over his eyes. He’s funny. He asked to take a few pictures… Hello baby girl!… right there front and center! And he cut off a few heads though he caught those tossin’ elbows. Truman just wanted to walk… which meant that really he was trying to clean up the “mess” of rocks and dirt on the trail. With the help of candy, we convinced him it was better to ride in the backpack. Overall… it was still a fun hike that I’m glad we went on.

p.s. this ought to be noted for family history, I suppose … see how extra covered I am. After my last sunburn, I realized that my blood pressure medication causes SUN SENSITIVITY… which means 30 minutes in the sun = super awful chemical sunburn. Hello sunscreen, hats, and thin long sleeve shirts. It stinks for me. I need my Vitamin D. Enough whining Heather. The End.

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