FHE: Word of Honor

Last FHE, Jimmy shared the message from Karl G. Maeser about holding fast to your word of honor. Our hopes were that the kiddos would follow through with what they say they will DO. We’ve seen a few improvements in the older kids related to bedtime.
Jimmy got a jumprope and put it on the floor in a circle. Each child took turns sitting in the circle answering questions.
1. Jimmy, “Truman, will you give me your word of honor that you won’t move from that circle for 1 minute?”
2. Truman, “Yes!”
3. Voices of Temptation timed for that one minute. “Hey Truman, wanna play my ipad upstairs?” “Want to go swing with me?” “Do you want to eat a popsicle in the kitchen?”
4. Truman’s firm response, “No, I can’t. I gave my word that I wouldn’t leave this circle!”

…Or something similar. Each one wanted their own turn. Super cute lesson!

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