Grateful for these moments

4:23 a.m.
As tired as I am, I’m grateful for this moment.
Little bug Scotty curled up in burp mode.
He’s still tiny (but GROWING fast).
Baby squirms & sighs!!

Here’s our September Round-up. I’m grateful for these moments!
1. Tru has a talent for setting the table.
He was thoughtful & gave me the yellow cup because he knows I love that color.
He certainly can be a happy helper. He has also been practicing his smile (which occasionally turns into a grimace) but we are grateful for his efforts!

2. Preschool field trip to the Lehi fire station.

3. Chores are getting done!! Abe leaves signs like this after mopping the bathroom.

4. Pool Noodle Light Saber Play… usually ends in tears… but there are lots of laughs for at least a few beginning moments.

5. Jimmy wears Baby Scotty in the sling…
to garden… to make dinner, etc.

6 & 7. Tru is on Intuniv/Tenex and it makes him so drowsy. Couldn’t stay awake at walmart. & I found Truman curled up on the mini tramp one day during quiet time. His face was on my shoe, he had 1 sock on, one off.

8. Scotty has fussed more the past week… especially in the evenings (of course it’s while Jimmy is gone to Stake meetings). My mom found him some great bibs. Hopefully this will save his outfits from the large amounts of spit-up.

9.Abe tries his glasses on Scotty. He’s such a smart looking baby!

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