Hello Sunshine!

Last week was full. The kids had a Health week at school and hence had dress-up days. Hannah had her program which she did very well in. She read her persuasive paragraph about Allowing Gum in School. She was animated in her singing and actions and quite enjoyed herself. Abraham really loves flags and came up with the lego flag and American Lego Figures on Flag Day. We enjoyed a nice visit from cousin Ryan…. who thought we were all crazies running around all day. Luckily he survived the Smith fam Saturday rigamarole. We were just all glad that we finally saw the sun after 10 days of rain. Hello Sunshine!!!

Since Tru-Tru was digging up the garden (and we wanted to plant real veggies in there)… we made a sand box under the playset. I’m very anti-sand (due to cats pooping in… and sand getting in clothes/hair/house). But I knew the boys would love it… so we cover it every night with a tarp. As for sand in my house. I have to deal with it somewhat. In the summer I’ll just hose everyone down before they enter. Truman and Max LOVE digging. They throw way too much sand out of the box, but they will play there for an hour. Even Hannah and Abe have enjoyed it.

The kids are anxious for school to get out… though Hannah already is missing homework.

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