Jimmy turns 38

09 september 20141The kids were delighted to celebrate Jimmy’s birthday. He had the fanciest of wrapping jobs in WALMART GROCERY BAGS! (really…. why do the last-minute wrap if you’re just going to open them right away). He received peanuts in shell (from Truman), gummy bears for stay-awake treats in car, assorted chocolate bars for stay-awake at work snacks, deodorant (very important! haha), Mormon Maps book that he wanted. That’s about as magnificent as Jimmy likes his birthday. Oh – cake! Chocolate Chip pudding cake which was devoured by all. Aunt Christine was visiting on her way to BYU-I so she celebrated with us (Miss Hannah was at Lagoon and thus not pictured)

Earlier in the week Jimmy & I had a date to use Jimmy’s free Tucanos Birthday Meal coupon. I was so sad that the grilled pineapple didn’t taste quite right due to my new blood pressure medication that makes everything taste metallic. But Jimmy seemed to enjoy his meal that was full-of-meat. Aunt Amy was here to babysit the kiddos. We also saw Maleficent at Water Gardens Theater. I was glad she had a change of heart and was able to love again. It was so weird to go on a date after being home with a newborn & recovering for so long. But we knew we wouldn’t have the chance for a long time; it was fun to be with Jimmy!!

Happy Birthday Love!

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