May the Fourth Be With You WEEKEND

Weekend plans consisted of

Garden Prep…
digging up corn stalk roots from last year…
hauling and spreading manure mixture from a neighbor (stinky business, I tell ya!)
I thought I’d rather rake manure than make dinner… until I went out and helped for a minute.
04 april 201416
tilling manure, vermiculite, peat moss into last year’s mix
(p.s. the kids just loved raking and shoveling manure – NOT!)
Work builds character!

Planting seeds.
Playing with the hose (TRUMAN!)
Enjoying sunshine & green grass & warmth!
Screen Shot 2014-05-04 at 9.17.47 PM
Really we planted 2 Zucchini… 2 cucumber … a double row of peas, still need to buy green pepper plants, went thin on carrots since last year was out of control, thin on marigolds since they were gynormous last year, stuck with silver queen corn seeds only, one each of Better Boy, Early Girl, & Big Boy Tomato Plants.
05 may 2014
Grandma Smith came to spend BYU Women’s Conference with her sisters, Honey, Becky, & Tammy. They came over for dinner (which they brought themselves) on Thursday. It was fun to see them all! Fun Gals who endured all the burps and giggles from the boys. Saturday … Grandma came to spend the entire day with the kids. She helped in the garden, pushed Truman on the swing, wiped Liza’s drama tears, shared suckers, and had a ‘spirited’ conversation with Jimmy about the curse upon the Lamanites. We enjoyed a dinner & dessert crepe dinner with her. It was great having her here for a visit!
05 may 20141

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