Rocky Mouth Falls Hike

rocky mouth falls hikeWe hike because:
1. We are practicing doing hard things WITHOUT COMPLAINING. Some of the tots have miles to go before they catch onto the NO Complaining part. But they also are learning that blessings come to those who press forward… persevere… work together… see the beauty around them, etc.

2. Enjoy God’s creations. To count our blessings for all the glorious sights… that help us catch a glimpse of all that we are meant for in the eternities.

3. Peace in nature. Have you ever passed our family on the trail? You may not find it very peaceful. We’re a pretty loud energetic group (mostly all those bouncing boys). BUT … there are moments of peace when we can be still and enjoy nature.

4. Heart Rocks, of course! When the going gets tough, I find myself pressing forward (usually holding a little hand or two), taking a step at a time, and searching all the dear Rocky Mountain rocks for ones shaped like hearts. These hearts remind me of God’s Love for me. He loves us so much that he lets us struggle and stretch and find our way to Him. He loves us so much that he sent us to families to love and care for each other. He loves us so much that he gave us prophets, truth, scriptures, the Holy Ghost, prayer. We talk about these things as we search for heart rocks wherever we go.

5. Truman loves to hike. He is at greater peace near water and rocks and dirt and sticks. And if Truman enjoys something (other than electronics), we will make that effort to be in the mountains.. because all the angels in heaven (and all the neighbors within ear-shot) know that we can use as much joy and peace from that little 5-year-old soul as we can get. Of course, mom loves hiking too… and so I plan and research and force persuade everyone to come with me.

6. Exercise & Adventure. This is a great way to be active as a family… all while seeing new places nearby. Can’t live in Utah without enjoying a bit of the magnificent mountains.

rocky mouth falls hike1

Rocky Mouth Falls Hike

“Rocky Mouth Falls is a fantastic family-friendly hike to a beautiful 70-foot waterfall on the southeast side of the Salt Lake Valley. The trail is short at just under a half mile one-way but packs in some fantastic scener, including one of the most scenic waterfalls in the area. Though short in distance, this hike does have some steep, rocky sections as it climbs nearly 300 feet in elevation over just under a half mile.” IHC Health Site

p.s. Best news to Liza and Max is that there were NO DOGS allowed on this trail! Phew…

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