Summer of the Snow Cones

06 June 201313 copyWe’ve had 2 snow cone Thursdays thus far. The first one was a little rocky with Hannah & Abe figuring our their jobs. But by the end they had their responsibilities balanced. We were all wiped out tired. But it was fun. Fun to have friends come visit. Fun to share a yummy treat.

Last Thursday was really hot. Everyone who walked was melting by the time they got here. We completely ran out of syrup for day #2. Oops. Nice inventory management mom! But I was hoping to use up the non-preferred flavors – which we did. For next time, we are purchasing Snowie’s concentrates which cost the same as the ready-to-use syrups but you get 4 bottles for the price. Hope that works out well.

Overall… it’s fun. The kids keep wanting to do it. We set up a shelter (thanks Pettit for sharing) and a picnic table. The Condie’s have let us use their freezer for additional ice and their table has come in handy. We have lots of little Condie’s helping out. Hannah & Abe have worked hard. They think it’s much more fun to work for other people. We’ve done it in the afternoon when Liza is napping. Tru usually goes and plays the wii inside for quiet time (I know – not the best quiet time ever). Max runs around with the kids or the Condie’s. Fun times!

We’re hoping to have 4 more snowcone days after our trip. We’ve about broken even – cost-wise. We’ve paid off the 1st round of syrups + the ice shaver. We’ll pay off the second round of syrups next time we host. We’ve had 50-60 people come to the snow cone days. In the end, we might even come out ahead with $.

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