Texas, Here we come!

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Looks like we’re moving to Texas, y’all!
Jimmy accepted a job with Hilti, an international high-end tool company.
They were listed on the top 100 companies to work for so we are hopeful.
The kids are anxious and a bit sad to leave friends. Lots of tears.
Jimmy is hopeful about the job and excited to have more land and a larger home.
Heather is stressed and overwhelmed by the busyness that accompanies moving…
and the emotions of helping everyone stay optimistic.
My hope is that in a few years we will be overwhelmed by the feeling that it was one of the best moves we have made.
I so appreciate our time in Utah… being closer to my parents.
Being amidst the mountains… oh, my heart! The Mountains!
Fresh clear water… the trail by our home… The spring and autumn!
And the temples… oh, how we’ve loved being so close to so many temples!
It takes me years to find dear friends and I have found many here.
I’m so grateful for their positive influence in my life.

But… onward we shall go. Pressing forward on this journey!

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