We love SNOW CONES, yes, we do! We LOVE snow cones, how ’bout you?!

06 june 20141Today our neighborhood hosted an HOA yardsale… meaning they did the advertising in hopes oodles of folks would come wander around the neighborhood to all the yard sales. We were going to sell a few things, but opted out since I didn’t take the time to get everything ready this past week. But we did decide to sell snow cones instead. Hurray! We stayed up last night mixing the concentrates. Eighteen 32 oz snow cone syrup containers require a bucket load of sugar… literally.

We bought a new machine this year since our small Vittorio machine from last year barely hung on until the end of last summer. This one is the smallest Snowie found on Costco.com, comes with concentrates and syrups, and was $160 (normally $250). If we wanted snow cones, I knew we’d have to make up the cost of that machine by selling them. So… here we are. We sold about 85 snow cones, which paid for half of the machine. (last summer we averaged about 50 per snowcone adventure). Hurray! So we still have a few weeks left to make up for expenses.

Hannah did the syrups & Abe did the ice. We reviewed cleanliness, customer service (as in … don’t fight with each other in front of customers), and the basic how-to.

Max wanted to be the menu guy… but soon realized that people would just read the menu instead. He sure was a happy trooper helping to set everything up though. Love that! He had Tiger’s Blood and a rootbeer.

Tru was the roly-poly collector. He liked his white snow cone of Pina Colada.

Liza sat in her pink camping chair and enjoyed the people coming and going (mostly she liked the babies! especially Julia). She also liked her pink snow cone! The banana minion one was fun too.

This was Jimmy’s first time doing snowcone shop with us. He did all the helping that I usually do. Plus, it helped to have his muscles setting up the tent, table, and picnic table. He doesn’t like snow cones though! I know, right! Too much sugar for him.

I do have to say that I was very strong and didn’t even have a snow cone, though my tummy quite desired one. I did have a small bite of Hannah’s pomegranate to try the flavor. Here are the flavors for 2014! The most popular today was root beer, both cotton candy flavors, and blue raspberry.
snow cones 2014

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  1. alison
    alison says:

    i love that you guys do this! such a neat family memory. and nice job earning back half of the new machine! wish we could swing by for one…

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